Yoonla Evolve Affiliate Campaign Update

I am excited to announce some changes and improvements to the Yoonla Evolve affiliate campaign.

Yoonla says that the aim of this campaign update is to improve the quality of the affiliate campaign, significantly reduce fraudulent & low quality traffic, increase revenue for their affiliates and process payments faster and more often. By implementing these changes, you can focus on the higher per lead commissions plus increased bonus commissions as well to help you drive more revenue with the Yoonla™ Evolve affiliate campaign.

These changes will come into effect on the 1st of July 2018.

  • We are going to increase the Elite bonus commission from $30 to $40 per Elite referral. Second tier commission is $35. This means, whenever you generate an Elite referral you will earn an instant $40 on Tier 1. Then when any of your Elite referrals go on to generate Elite referrals of their own, they earn the Tier 1 $40 commission, and you earn the Tier 2 $35 commission.
  • We’re going to discontinue the $2 commission per lead campaign. However, we will continue with the $4 commission per lead campaign. Please note that any lead you generate from any country can still upgrade to become a Yoonla™ Elite member and earn you a whopping $40 for the Elite referral.
  • Our team is the process of developing up-sells as well which will enable you to generate an additional 60% commission on. (more details on this in July)
  • We will introduce bi-weekly referral/commission processing (twice per month instead of once). These will occur around the 1st of the month and the 15th of the month. (Please allow more time during weekends and New Zealand holidays)
  • We will continue weekly processing of payout requests – every Monday of the week.
  • We will drop the minimum payout balance threshold to $100, but you will require a minimum of 2 approved Elite upgrades to qualify for payout.
  • We will introduce the option to be paid via wire transfer. This means your commission earnings can be paid directly into your bank account, which means you will avoid the PayPal processing fees. We will cover the wire transfer fee at our end, however, you may be required to pay a transaction fee at your end, depending on your bank. (At this point, wire transfer options will only be available for payments of $500 or more).
  • We will continue with PayPal as a payment option and we are in the process of introducing another payment option very soon.
Full terms and details can be found in the Yoonla™ affiliate dashboard, under the “Campaigns” area. These will be updated on the 1st of July 2018.


So what do I personally think about this?

I also got declined lots of tier 2 commissions due to bad quality of traffic. Even I used Bing Ads the quality of tier 2 traffic was not that good! That means I will focus now on tier 1 traffic (UK, US, CA, NZ, AUS, IR) where we still get the $4 commissions. I also work more on getting elite upgrades and help my people getting upgrades as well (they can use my bonuses). As you could read above there will be new products/funnels in the near future so let’s keep going generate quality traffic and leads, get more elite upgrades and commissions.


So if you don’t have a free Yoonla account yet, just click the button below and register your free account now!

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