Will an MBA do you any good?

MBALots of people think that if you really want to get serious about business, you need to get an MBA.

You need to go to Harvard Business School. Study with the greats.

THEN you’ll be qualified to do business.

But you can’t help but wonder… is that right?

Well, let’s think about it.

What do you get with an MBA?

-you get to hear smart people talk about how to run a business
-you learn a bunch of fancy new business-related words
-you get to read books and problem solve on paper
-you meet a bunch of people
-you get a piece of paper that tells the world that you know things

All good things, certainly.

But compare that to MTTB, where:

-you learn how to run a business from an active entrepreneur who has made over $100K
-you join a community of thousands of driven entrepreneurs
-you get a proven 21-step plan for starting a home business
-you learn invaluable marketing skills on the go
-you get paired with an experienced mentor to walk you through the challenges

And those are just some of the benefits of MTTB.

An MBA costs at least $50,000. And then, when you graduate, you still need to find a niche, create a product, etc.

MTTB costs $49. 1000x times less. And with MTTB, you’re actually out there doing something. Learning on the ground, from people who are successfully practicing what they preach.

Learning by lectures vs. learning by doing.

If you’ve got $50,000 (or $100,000 if you’re looking at a place like Harvard Business School), be my guest. Go spend 2 years in school, getting an MBA. The piece of paper will look nice when it’s framed on on your wall.

But if you want to actually do something, and learn how to run a business by actually starting one, go here:

==> Apply For MTTB Now


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