Why You Need To Totally Rethink Your Approach To Work

teamworkI’ve got a secret.

If you really understand this concept, you’ll be miles ahead of almost every entrepreneur out there. Every marketer. Business owner.

Every person.

This isn’t sales hype. I’m not just saying something to grab your attention. I’m dead serious.

So are you ready for it? Here’s the secret:

Most of the work you do is hurting you.

Let me explain.

Most of the work that every entrepreneur, every manager, every CEO, every COO does… is wasteful. Most of it is low-value work. And they shouldn’t be doing it.

How do I know this?

Because most of the work that entrepreneurs do, someone else could be doing it. And whatever someone else could be doing… someone else should be doing.

That frees you up to do only high value work. Work that YOU ALONE are qualified to do.

For example, entrepreneurs shouldn’t be doing administrative work. Ever. If you’re doing administrative work, you’re wasting your time. Hire a secretary. Someone else can do that work. YOU should focus on the high value work.

An outsourcer helps you cut out low value work from your schedule. He/she helps you to focus on high-value work: driving leads into a highly converting sales funnel. Marketing. Strategy.

Too often, entrepreneurs (and especially ones who are just starting out) waste their time jumping around from low-value task to low-value task. Because they think that they could do it better.

As entrepreneurs, we think, “I could get better results if I’m the one on the phone doing sales.” “I could do those administrative tasks twice as fast as someone else.”

And maybe it’s true. Maybe you could do it twice as fast. Maybe it’s not true. Either way, it’s a mindset you need to get rid of—the “I’m going to do it all, because I can do it better” mindset. And the sooner, the better.

It’s a dark, poisonous mindset that can kill your effectiveness as a business owner.

The only way to get rid of it is to start letting go of that lower-value work.

Let an outsourcer do the selling, or customer service for you. And the administration. And the product creation.

That way, you can focus solely on high-value work: driving traffic into a sales funnel via online marketing.

Ready to let go of low-value work?

I know I have mentioned is already some time ago, but getting a good VA or outsourcer can save you a ton of time, and as we know: time is money!

Here are some great sources where you can outsource your work:








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