Why Traditional Online Network Marketing Companies are Dead

Here’s why I think that traditional online network marketing companies are dead…

1. These companies don’t even have the influence or demand anymore

A lot of people on the Internet are now smart and can see through the bullshit “make money in your underwear schemes”, I’ve run thousands of dollars worth of traffic to bizopp offers and I for a fact know that the market has changed and has become smarter.

2. They’re all “fly by night” schemes that don’t stay in business for over two years

yeah let’s count how many companies stayed in business and have seen constant expansion for the last 2-3 years…..ahem the number is 0.

3. The Pyramid Model is messed up

You get 5, your direct team gets 5 and they get 5 and soon you’ll have over 100k members and make 80 Billion Dollars per year and can finally beat Bill Gates on the Forbes’s “Wealthiest People in the World” list……Riiiiiggghttt? No, that is a fairy tale. Regardless of what you call your business model, if it involves upline and downline passups and you don’t really sell a tangible product of value (Your Digital courses have zero value since they’re about how to make money pushing the pyramid scheme) – you’re in a pyramid scheme.

4. Bad Leadership

Most of the leaders in these companies are only focused on Personal Growth and expansion and behave in a very decent manner just to recruit you into their downline, and then mess up with the links, etc. to steal your downline too. You think they make a lot of money when you pass up sales? of course! so that as well lol will be passed up to unscrupulous leaders who don’t have your best Interest at heart.

5. People HATE to pass-up sales

Let’s just say you just make $10k! but wait….you can’t take the 10k home… you need to pass-up $3k to your sponsor, pay about 900 in fees (since these MLM companies also hold cash in the name of fees) and other shit and take home a mere $6.1k. You don’t even get paid for what you sell! this is insanity, how about making $10k and taking $9.8k or more home?

This is exactly where Elite Elevation Group has proven to be a Godsend business Model for the average noob!

You’ll learn how to dig your own well!

We’ll show you not only how to make money with E.E.G., but we’ll also show you how to build different businesses on the side – all generating passive income!

A Lot of Traditional MLM people use words like “leverage” to describe why you have to pass up sales and how your team will too.

But let’s keep it real…

What % of your team actually duplicates your results?

There’s 98% of the people making less than $100/yr in a lot of these companies (check their income disclosure statement)

Only about 2% of your team duplicates in the opportunity market!

So you’re counting on the sales from your team members to make you money while you’re making your leader rich in the process by hustling hard?

Are you also wanting to take on responsibility for the people your direct team members bring in?

They’ll message you 800 different questions on stupid stuff just because they see your name in the backoffice as their sponsor.

Do you want to go through all that trouble for maybe 1 sale that they generate?

All those customers will then do – is recruit 2 people and expect those 2 to go out and recruit, and if those 2 don’t – your empire collapses since those 2 you directly recruited stopped working and became lazy since they thought the other 2 would get some members in.

Why not just use a simple system that shows you how to crush it and make a lot of money without really have to dealing with your 10th level teams?

Or without passing up any money?

Just keeping every dollar you earn while helping people in the process!

But isn’t that hard?

It generally is.

And that’s exactly why Elite Elevation Group was invented!

You can promote Elite Elevation Group using paid traffic! and NEVER have to talk to a single friend of family member.

NEVER have to pick up the phone either.

We have the Coaches, Systems, Sales Videos, etc. in place to do all the selling for you!

But how do I generate traffic?

Well it’s Rocket Science……jk – not really lol

It’s easy honestly!

In the Silver Level Package of E.E.G. we’ll show you how to generate 100’s of thousands of visitors to your site a day for dirt cheap!

“Well Fabian, I don’t have the funds to run paid traffic – should I still join E.E.G or save up?”

You can get started running paid traffic for as less as $25! and make money with it and keep re-investing the cash you make to expand!


You can follow our Free Marketing Blueprints!

Yes! we’ll also show you how to build your empire through Free Marketing.

If you want to get started with E.E.G now! hit me up and I’ll get you started for $0…

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