Why Questions are Better than Affirmations

If you’ve been around online marketing, network marketing or MLM like Amway or even if you’ve been in a corporates sales organization, you’re familiar with “The power of positive thinking.”

Some of the hallowed mottos of this cult are…

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”
“I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am the world’s greatest salesman”
“Your attitude determines your altitude”.

Proponents of the school of positive thinking believe you should always be telling yourself, like the Little Engine that Could, “I think I can, I think I can.”

Or even better… “I know I can, I know I can.”

Just pump yourself up with enough positive self-talk and you can do anything.

Well, it turns out that there’s a better way to talk to yourself.

And that’s to ask yourself questions.

Don’t say, “I can do it!”
Say, “Can I do it?”

Researchers Ibrahim Senay and Dolores Albrarracin of the University of Illinois, along with Kenji Noguchi of the University of Southern Mississippi, discovered that “interrogative self-talk” was far more powerful than regular old affirmative self-talk.

Because when you ask yourself, “Can I do it?” your brain starts trying to answer the question. It starts providing you with answers. When you just say, “I can do it” your brain is not activated in trying to solve a problem. It figures the problem is already solved. No help needed.

Also, when you ask yourself questions, you discover your own motivations for wanting to achieve something…not the external motivations of others. And internal motivations are far more powerful than external ones.

Asking yourself questions helps you succeed far more than telling yourself that you can succeed.

So, can you succeed with your own online business?
Can you make big commissions?
Can you achieve your financial dreams?
Can you achieve location freedom? Money freedom? Time freedom?

Those are the questions you should be asking yourself.

And the best is even when you write down the questions and then write down your answers in full detail. What you write down is even more powerful than what you just think about…

So this is a good exercise you can do for yourself, take action now!


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