Traffic Millionaires Summit – Tom Beal, Success Magnet System

In my opinion, this session with Tom Beal was on of the best at the Traffic Millionaires Summit…

Tom has made millions of dollars online, was the top seller in 5 different companies, the president of strategic profits along with Rich Schefren, a national bicycle champion, #1 Honor Graduate from USMC Boot Camp….
He also was in masterminds with all the “big guys” like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Mike Filesame, Eban Pagan and so on…

So he really knows what he is talking about. The whole presentation was actually around mindset which is one of the most important things! We can have the best working system on the market, but if we don’t belief in ourself that we can become successful with it, we won’t!

As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.

So what are the 3 things we can control?

  •  our thoughts
  • our words
  • our actions

So it’s really important that we know this. What we think and do today is what we will be in a year!

-> You definitely need to check your thoughts (positive or negative), words and actions.

And as we all know, to become successful we need to step out of our comfort zone and do things that we actually don’t like to do…

And now here are the 5 Steps of the Success Magnet System

  1. Vision
    you need to be very clear about what your intention is, what goals you want to reach and WHY
  2. Belief
    You have to belief in yourself, in your company and in your product or service
    You need to have full faith and trust in what you sell
  3. Identify and Align
    Meet people who are there where you want to be, thake the shortcut and learn the secrets from them
    Meet memorable
  4. Commitment to Action
    PEP: personality – experiences – perspective
    Ask yourself the following questions:
    – What do I need to start doing?
    – What do I need to do more of?
    – What do I need to do less of?
    – What do I need to stop doing?
    –> this is meant all related to your success and where you want to be
    Vibration Level: Who are the 5 people you surround yourself the most with? Write down the names and ask yourself: are they successful? do the make the money I want to make?
    Because you become the average of those 5 people, so choose wisely….
  5. Have fun
    Life is short, so it’s also important that you enjoy your life. Don’t take everything too serious. You also need to know what you are living for….

So again, get clear on what you want and WHY, do whatever is needed to get there, attend events, get coaching, take the short cut, take the needed action and belief and trust in what you are doing, and finally also have fun with what you are doing!

Tom always mentioned the following 3 words:

Improvise – Adapt – Overcome


Want to sell your product / service / system?

  1. Tell your story (related to your life, experience, what happened to you that you want to tell?)
  2. Share your results you had (case study)
  3. Sell your system

This converts much better!


And here is the Trinity Success Method Tom was talking about

Trinity Success Method

You also have a triangle on each side, Relationship has its own triangle, Finances has its own triangle and also Health has its own triangle. To be successful and happy all the triangles need to be in balance, as well as the main/big one.

So it can be that right now you are strong in Relationship and Health, but not in Finances, so you need to concentrate on this…. or you lack more at Health and need to concentrate there.
Every morning ask yourself:

– How can I improve my Health / Finances / Relationship today?

– What are the top 3 thinks I can do about this?

Have a daily routine, something like do your mental exercises, read a book or listen to a special audio every day.



You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get going!

So taking action again is the most important thing, don’t try to be perfect, you will never be, just get going and then improve along the way…

You also can watch the video below to see me talking about this topic


And here is a picture with Tom and me at the Traffic Millionaires Summit

Tom Beal


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