Traffic Millionaires Summit – Tiji Thomas, High Ticket Sales

Tiji is a Diamond Member of MOBE, and he is one of the guys who is working in the phone sales team, creating those $1K, $3K, $5K and even $10K commissions for MOBE members!

He has an awesome conversion rate at the phone, in some cases he was talking about over 90%!!

His presentation was of course about high ticket sales, and now I want to give you the most important points he shared with us.

One of the key statements he made is: Get it out of your mind that you have to be a specialist about the product!

There are lots of stats that show us that it’s not about the product, it’s more about the person who sells it! You have to sell yourself before you can sell a product or service.

Tiji showed us some stats that were made and interestingly enough there was also a point that said 55% of people did buy / or not buy the product because of the way the seller walked! Isn’t that interesting? People watch you in detail. Only 6% said it was because of the know how of the seller.

So it’s important that you are natural, be yourself, either people will like you or not, that’s a fact. Of course you still will try to make the sale, but if people do not resonate with you, it’s going to be hard….

You have to get to know, like and trust your customer.

Always create value!

Use the formula V > P = S

Value is bigger than the price and you will make the sale

If you are doing sales phone calls (MOBE in this example), always track your results. Write everything down, even record it and analyze so you can improve your method.

Never ever focus on yourself but always on the customer, this will help you a lot.

Talk to your customer every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes… in this case they will keep you and the product in mind.

Even set goals with your customers, let them do something (dream about what they want for example), this will also help with conversions.

So what do you think is the thing people care the most about?

–> What’s in for me?

People need to know what’s in for them, they do not want to know the details about the product, or the features, they want to know the benefits they will have with it.
Then Tiji did an example of a phone call with someone in the audience.

A typical question would be “If you could change something in what you do, what would it be? and why?”

Always ask people what they do (be prepared) and why they do it, if they like what they do or not. Keep your questions positive, and always try to help people.

Ask the right questions at the right time and people will answer you everything and also themselves because they start to realize things…

Do not present the solution before you don’t know their problem!

Connect – Discovery – Question – Close

Talk to them to connect, discover what they do and want, then ask the right questions and when they are ready, close the sale.

When they show you their problem, show them a way that could help them out of this.

If they tell you that they don’t have the money for it…. ask them: ” If you would have the money, would you do it? Why?”

So they will sell it to themselves…. and then you can ask them if they see a chance to get the money….

I hope this gave you some ideas of selling on the phone or also in personal…. use the techniques and see if you convert better.

Below you can also watch the video where I am talking about this session


And here is a picture of Tiji an me at the Traffic Millionaire Summit

Tiji Thomas


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