Traffic Millionaires Summit – Facebook Ads Session

We had also a Facebook Ad Session at the Traffic Millionaires Summit in London. It was held by 2 guys, who spendd $100K – $250K per day in Facebook Ads for their clients!

The guys where Rehan Hassan and Ricardo Lopez. Both are working together closely with Facebook and definitely know what is working…

So here are some important learnings from this session…

Top 5 things you need to learn with Facebook Ads:

  • Market Research
  • Facebook Ads itself (how to create them)
  • Targeting (who do you want to target, who is your customer?)
  • Bidding and Budgeting
  • Tracking and Testing

What is your objective for your ad?

  • Leads
  • Fans
  • Sales
  • Branding

And here is the importance (in order) of the pieces of an ad:

  1. Image (gets 80% of the attention, psychology of ads)
  2. Headline
  3. Body Copy

There are several pages you can search for images, just be sure that you have the right to use them on your ads. Use an image that grabs everybody’s attention.

Study headlines. Go and search in magazines (for example home business magazine) online and offline. Watch ads on Facebook and Google.

For the Body Copy you can get some text (bullets) from the sales page directly.

It’s always very important that you keep congruent (from Ad to your landing page to the sales page)

Do not try to sell in the ad, you only want to get the click!

Stay away from hype! The chance that your ads will be disapproved is very high… and Facebook can even ban your account for that!

Always ask your self who your ideal customer is:

  • Who are they?
  • What are their habits?
  • What are their interests?
  • What do they read, magazines, fan pages they like
  • Are they married, have kids?

As soon as you have created your so called customer avatar you can do the targeting in your ad.

One important thing with Facebook Ads (and also other ads): Be willing to continue and test if it does not work from the beginning…. Even pros fail in lots of their campaigns, so do not give up after the first time!
It takes time, testing, tweaking…

Clicks are probably cheaper if you link inside of Facebook. So if you have your own fan page, create a custom tab and put your squeeze page in there instead of your URL (outside Facebook).

Create 1 ad for each campaign, do not mix interests, locations or placement.

That means create an ad for each country you want to target (like US, Canada, UK) and also an ad for each interest you want to tarket (like online marketing, affiliate marketing, Frank Kern), as well as for the placement (like Mobile, Newsfeed, right column.

Keep the reach below 500’000. If you have more than you still can use a second interest in the same ad for example.

When you know the exact numbers of your funnel and the backend also be willing to pay more than $1 for a lead. You will make it back with your funnel or backend.

These were the most important points that were mentioned in the session.


Watch the video below where I also talk about the session.


And here are 2 pics with Rehan and me, and Ricardo with me, at the Traffic Millionaires Summit


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