Traffic Millionaires Summit – 10 Ways to Maximize every Live Event

This is a very short summary of the session with Adam Holland (a MOBE Diamond Member).

He was showing us 10 ways to maximize every live event and boost our conversions and create a life long marketing asset from this experience.

So let’s dive right into this topic….

  1. Get out of your comfort zone
    approach new people, start a discussion and connect with them, ask questions to the speakers
  2. Use your downtime productively
    in the breaks put together your notes or as I mentioned above start to connect with other people
  3. Capture videos and pictures between sessions
    Post your videos and pics on Facbook, your blog and on youtube. This gives you credibility when people see that you have been at live events and made pictures with the speakers
  4. Keep an open mind
    Even though you think you are a specialist on a specific topic, be open and listen to the speakers, they might have another opinion or strategy, but that could also help you make even more sales
  5. Fail forward
    It’s important in internet marketing that you fail, and you definitely will, the main point is that you learn out of this, tweak and test again. (80% of campaigns fail, also for top marketers)
  6. Have fun
    Don’t take everything too serious, also have fun with the people around you, even with your list
    Be memorable
  7. Network with the best
    Approach the speakers and talk to them, ask questions
  8. What is your coaching level? What questions are you asking?
    do not just ask general questions, ask specific questions and get the information you need
  9. Go cliff diving (sort of)
    this means that you also need to be willing to take some risk, and also invest in yourself
  10. Be vulnerable
    listen to others, accept their opinion and also share your experience


Watch the video below where I summarize the 10 ways again


And here is a picture of Adam and me at the Traffic Millionaires Summit


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