The Painful Question You Should Ask Yourself Now


Lots of people go through life in cruise control.

The ‘repeat all’ button is on. Every week is a replay of the week before. Every year is a replay of year before. Same old, same old.

Sometimes it takes a wake up call—some incredible or horrible event, or even an otherwise insignificant moment—to startle you OUT of cruise control.

You’re plugging along in life. You’re on your way home from work one day, stuck in traffic, staring out the window, radio buzzing in the background… and then it dawns upon you that you’ve spent the last 5 years of your life doing essentially nothing. And you’re on a trajectory that’s headed nowhere.

It’s a “wake up” moment.

Problem is, wake up moments are rare.

And if you spend your life waiting for one, you just might spend your whole life waiting.

For something that may never come.


While your life wastes away.

Here’s a better option:

Do the painful work of evaluating your life now.

Are you REALLY on a trajectory towards the life that you REALLY want to live? Or are you

stuck in ‘cruise control,’ mindlessly drifting deeper and deeper into a life gone-to-waste?

Painful questions to answer.

But even more painful to NOT answer.

And if you find that you DO need to change your trajectory… but you’re totally unsure of where you should start…

Start with internet marketing now! Start building your own online business.

Use it to supplement your income, or to replace it all together.

People have done both.

Stop waiting for a wake-up call.

You might be waiting for 5, 10, 20, or 50 years. What a waste of life.

Take action now.

You don’t know where and how to start?

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