The Hidden Dangers Of Distraction

DistractionsIt probably happens to all of us… We want to do a specific task and some minutes later we catch ourselves doing something completely different…

Ge got distracted again… Sometimes it’s really hard to stay focused during the day. Today I have some nice tips and tricks that will help you stay focused and you can reduce distraction to a minimum.


1. The first thing is always work with a goal in mind.

I always focus on generating a specific amount of leads a month as a goal. (It’s important to set your goal as something that you can easily measure, so keep this in mind when setting your personal goals.)


2. Each day set a plan of action for yourself containing the most important activities regarding your business based on your GOAL.

Gauge the importance of each activity based on your goal and you will easily see what is important and what is not.


3. Then as you carry out your daily tasks, ask yourself this question regularly:

“Is what I’m doing right now directly helping me move me towards my goal?”

Be honest with yourself and then have the discipline to put the less important stuff to the side. There is time for it,
but you have to reward yourself with that time after the work is done. (I’ll get into this in a second.)

This next point is very important!


4. Do ONE thing at a time.

Even if you have 20 things on your to do list for the day, focus on one at a time. It’s when you try to multi task that you easily get swept away in distractions. Do one thing at a time and make sure you give your full focus to that one activity while you are doing it.


5. Keep track of your time.

On a notepad, as you’re carrying out your daily tasks, keep track of how much time you spend on what. This is a very simple thing to do and could be easily overlooked. It’s crucially important that you do carry out this task for two reasons:

**First, what you are able to track expands. If you track your time you will see where you are spending it and you
will soon very easily see there are periods where you have more time than you think. Once you discover this you will be able to find new and innovative ways to use this time towards the success of your goal.

**Second, keeping track of your time will keep you focused on the task at hand. By doing this, you will be able to
reward yourself with free time once you have successfully carried out your plan for your designated time period.

For instance, I try to work in time blocks. I spend a certain amount of time working (let’s say 45 minutes) and then I give myself a break (let’s say 15 minutes) as a reward.

I found that by doing this that I can stay focused for the designated length of time I need to get my task done because I know that there is always the reward of free time at the end of the hour.


6. Don’t worry!

If you don’t get everything that you planned done in a day,  don’t worry. If you’ve followed the plan above then you didn’t have the time to do it. Just move it to the next day’s task list and continue.

That’s it!

Your time is your most valuable asset, so be sure to use it to your advantage. Don’t let distractions kill your business!


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