Social Media Marketing For Beginners

If you live in the civilized world, by now you know exactly what social media marketing is. Especially if you’re a networker or marketer. If you’re either of these then you likely have your favorite social platforms that you use on daily basis. Do you primarily use Facebook or Twitter? Or what about Snapchat or Instagram? The number of social media platforms is ever expanding as is the number of social media users.

In this article, you will find helpful insights to help you with your social media marketing efforts. By following these tips, you will avoid overwhelm and frustration, especially if you’re just getting started on social media. They also serve as a compass if you have been at it for a while yet haven’t found your stride.

Regardless, this is not an in depth presentation covering everything, as much as a guide to help beginners as you start your social media marketing efforts. If followed they will assist you in starting off on the right foot.

Settling on a platform is a major challenge for most beginners. When doing so there are many, many factors to consider, such as your target audience and their demographics. However, you should strive to be active on at least one social media platform as it’s a critical for your online business success. Because social media is a fantastic place for you to engage your customers quickly and allow them identify with you, your brand and your company.

But if you are not careful as a beginner, social media can become extremely exhausting. For that reason, we have put together these tips to help you get started.

Pick one Platform at a time, and Work it Daily

When you first get started with your social media marketing, be sure to start and stick with one platform at a time. Because it’s very important that you do not focus on all or many at one time to start. Like anything, it will take you some time to understand all the nuances of each and how to set them up correctly and develop consistency. When you try to stay active on too many platforms all at once, it will not be long before you be suffering from overload and overwhelm.

After deciding your starting point, it’s time to discover your audience. It’s a great idea to clearly understand who your ideal customers may be, and figure out exactly what social media platform they spend most their time on. Once you dial into that simply place all of your effort into that one platform. Whichever it may be, place all your effort and energy into it.

Create a Clean Profile

Before you start posting and adding people be sure to complete your entire profile. Because the last thing you want to do is leave your profile incomplete.   Think of it this way, social media is all about being social with your future friends and followers.

If for any reason your profile is left undone it will be difficult for people to identify who you are and what you represent. With a complete profile you will find that people are more likely to trust you. Otherwise, they will not know who you are and you run the risk of them not trusting you or your business. So be sure to fill everything out to completion.

Here are some tips on creating a yourself a clean profile:

  • First, be sure to use an actual photo of yourself as a profile picture. So anyone viewing your profile will know exactly who you are. There is nothing worse than people who display a pet or random pictures on their profile.
  • Take the time to create a nice cover photo. Be sure to showcase your brand and yourself when doing so. You can use Canva to create great cover photos and other artwork for your brand.
  • Include a clear and concise description of your business and or what you do. By doing so your friends and followers can quickly identify what you do.
  • Include a link to your website. Without a website link there’s no way for you to generate leads or sales.

Deliver Value to your Audience Daily

To be effective in your social media marketing, you need to consistently deliver value to your followers. Value can be by sharing quotes, tips, how to’s, articles, and more. However, be sure that the value you are delivering is geared towards the audience in your niche. Also make sure that you spice it up with variety. Don’t just send quote images 100% of the time. Share some written value, video’s and more. By doing so your followers will start looking forward to your posts and engage with you.

Engage With your Audience

Another major key to social media marketing success is to engage with your audience. You should not expect your followers to hang on your every word if you are unwilling to engage with the material on their timeline or newsfeed. This is the easiest way to build relationships. So be sure to like and comment on their status updates. Especially your warm leads, by doing so you’ll find that they will begin to move more in your direction.

Here are a few engagement tips:

  • Set up auto DM’s on Twitter and Instagram. This allows you to send your new followers a direct message as soon as they follow you. You can also set up your profile through various softwares to auto follow those who follow you.
  • Deliver a welcome, “thanks for the follow video” or a Free Lead Magnet. This can spark a conversation for you as you have started your new relationship off on the right foot.

Post Regularly but not like a Maniac

Depending on the platform you need to understand how long posts remain visible. Facebook posts can remain visible for quite some time if you have great engagement on your posts. For this reason alone, I suggested that you engage with others first.

Believing that, as you do unto others, they will do unto you. But when you engage others you will find that they will reciprocate by engaging with your post. When they do this will help you with Facebooks algorithm and your posts remain visible in the newsfeed. Remember this one thing. It’s social media, so be social.

Furthermore, something else to consider is, when is your audience most active. Because if you are posting when they are not active they may never see your content, and  the answer isn’t to post around the clock either. By taking the post around the clock approach you run the risk of people feeling like you are spamming them. A good way to judge active users on Facebook is to open up your messenger app and scroll down and see how many active users are online at various times. This is especially important if you are doing live videos.

When posting be sure to mix it up a bit. Posting both value, and some personal. By doing so you will notice more people seeking to connect with you. Understanding that if you are a business and have a business you do not want to post only personal information either. But sharing some here and there will not hurt your cause.

Especially if you are in the make money from home niche. If you are, I recommend this simple formula: Value, lifestyle, and results. Stick to those three and you will do fine.

In closing, social media marketing is a process. So be patient with yourself as you are building your accounts. Like anything in life, you will receive whatever you put into it. So if you make consistent efforts then eventually the fruits from your labor will manifest. So be sure stay consistent and relevant and above all be sure to focus on one social platform at a time.

All the best!

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