Selling The Dream, Living The NIGHTMARE!

Some of the most WELL KNOWN gooroos out there…

…The ones painting the dream life. The nice cars and homes. Working just a few hours a week.

Basically being, in their own words, LAZY, yet living a life of luxury and making more $$ the lazier they get.

Well, they’ve now come out and stated that in reality, they’re mostly all workaholics!!

Now, these are the ultra-successful guys and gals out there.

The other marketers making low to mid six-figures? You see the same thing.

They’re behind their desk, pounding away at the keyboard, 24/7.

Truly, they’re selling the dream, and living the nightmare.

This does not sound like something I want to do….

If you’re doing it solely because you LOVE it, then cool.

But I believe in achieving the REAL LIFESTYLE that these guys poorly portray in their marketing.

For most of us, it’s not all about the mansions, $100k cars and so forth.

It’s about the freedom.

Doing what we want, when we want, having the time to pursue our hobbies, travel, spend a TON of time with the family and our friends.

That’s what this is all about. And OF COURSE, doing all of this while making an incredibly nice

Way more than from your job.

Here’s a big thought for you though:

The big guys work a LOT. The other successful guys work a LOT.

The people NOT making much money DON’T put in the work consistently.

What does this reveal??

SOMEBODY has to do the work!!

But here’s the deal…

That somebody does NOT have to be you!

That’s where the beauty of leverage comes in.

Take the Top Tier business model of MOBE for example:

Like these other big gurus, the owner, Matt, works around the clock.

He’s young, passionate, and driven to build the best digital education company on the planet. (His company is already at the top in our space.)

He’s usually at it 7 days a week, into the wee hours of each night. And yes, he LOVES what he does.

He also has a huge staff at the company’s HQ, and other employees are all around the globe.

Yet, here’s the difference between Matt and most of the other guys.

One, he doesn’t hide the fact that he loves to work and that it’s taken long nights and many years to build up a million plus per month business.

Two, and this is important for YOU, is the fact that he allows you to leverage his company, all his work, all his long nights behind the computer, and even his sales staff…

…He does all of this so you don’t have to do it!!

He knows that most don’t want to, or aren’t in the position to do what he does. To work around the clock to make this work.

He does it all! You simply plug-in to the running like a machine business, it goes to work FOR YOU so you don’t have to…

…And you get lucrative commissions while still living an incredible lifestyle.

And this is especially valuable right now for you. Because if you’re still at a job or only able to work 1-2 hours a day at this, you can totally make this work.

Then, when you’re making enough to go at it full-time, you just scale up the leverage, and now you do what you want, when you want.

By the way, is YOUR business scalable?

Because a business that is not scalable will rarely, if ever, get you to the financial freedom you desire. Scalability is crucial.

So, what exactly is scalability?

As you probably know, if a business is “scalable” it can sell more products, make more sales, without dramatically increasing its expenses.

For example, the franchise model, like McDonalds or Subway, is difficult to scale. In order to increase their sales, franchisees need to find new locations, build brick and mortar restaurants, stock physical inventory, and hire new staff, just to name a few of the expenses.

It’s a strategy that CAN work, but it takes very deep pockets.

And when it comes to home-based businesses, you need to beware of a few things that will hold your business back and prevent it from scaling up.

Selling physical products. Physical inventory is expensive. You need to order it, pay to have it shipped, warehouse it, and pay to ship it back out. All of this costs money…and man hours. You can increase your sales only to a point. Eventually, you’ll be forced to rent more space or hire more employees to meet the increasing demand. Very expensive.

Selling low-priced, low-margin products. The difficulty in scaling a low-priced, low-profit product is that greater sales numbers don’t translate to greater profits.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you sell a $50 product with a $25 commission. If you start out selling 100 per month, you clear $2’500 per month minus what you spent on advertising. Let’s say your advertising was 10% of sales ($500)…that means you cleared $2’000.

Now let’s say you pump up your advertising and increase your sales by 10 fold. Now you clear $25’000 minus $5’000 in advertising…for a profit of $20’000. And you had to make 1000 sales to get there.

But let’s say you sell a $1’000 product with a $500 margin. If you start out selling 10 per month. You clear $5’000 per month, minus what you spent on advertising. If again it’s 10% of sales ($1’000), you cleared $4’000. On just 10 sales.

Now let’s say you pump up your advertising by 10 fold. Now you clear $50’000 per month minus $10’000 on advertising. That’s $40’000 in profit on just 100 sales.

And the more you scale up, the better it gets.

That’s the power of scaling up with high-profit, high-priced products

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