Overeducated and Unemployed

unemployedWhen the economy slows many people suddenly find themselves with friends who are out of work, or perhaps even they themselves are out of work.

Bills, including school loans, are waiting to be paid, and stress is building. All of your education isn’t helping in your job hunt.

Many of us know of someone like this, newly graduated from Business School and can’t find a job… a guy who is what many would call a genius.

The kind of guy who as a kid got third place nationally in the National Geography Bee.

He was that kid on TV with Alex Trebek, clicking the button, answering every question right about strange topics no one in their right mind should know the answer to.

… A guy who double majored in engineering and economics pulling pretty much straight A’s at an Ivy League undergraduate school.

After undergrad worked a couple years, then returned to school for his MBA.

And this is where he hits a bump as he graduated and entered the toughest job market seen in a very LONG time.

Although optimistic about his chances for work, but this guy starts to think. . .

“You know I’m sick of working for others. Submitting resumes to get jobs I’m clearly over qualified for and being at the mercy of others for a paycheck. I’m done with it.”

To that guy I say “I hear ya.”

Even with his education, his degrees, and, in my opinion, him being one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, he’s still got a tough road ahead in the job search world.

I never claimed to be the smartest tool in the shed, but the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my life was to pull myself out of that world to start my own business.

Why not be the creator of jobs instead of over educating yourself to get one, right?

Sure, your own business isn’t always roses (especially when you’re starting out and trying to learn the ropes  on your own without a mentor) but,  I’d rather work 22 hours a day to build my dream  business than feel the frustration of not being in  control of my life.

Formal education only gets you far enough to get a “better” job, but at the end of the day you’re not in control.

No matter what the cost or current situation you’re always better off blazing your own path than being used to blaze someone else’s.

So have you already thought about to start your own business? Have you dreamed about being FREE? Having no boss?

Ever heard about online marketing, internet marketing and similar stuff but don’t know how and what to do?

It’s your lucky day! I have a recommendation for you. I want to show you a business opportunity where you can start part time and invest as much time as you want or can. Nobody tells you when you have to be finished with your steps. BUT you need to know that you have to take ACTION to become successful.

My business partner and mentor, Shaqir Hussyin, is one of the top 3 earners in this system. And I am following in his footsteps now…  Click here to watch his brand new powerful video where he reveals the exact steps he has taken to become the youngest internet millionaire.

The “secret” to wealth online is a marketing system that takes online leads and turns them into sales.  With this system you get a highly trained sales team who know how to close high ticket sales over the phone for you – you never have to call anyone – it’s all done for you with this system.  That’s what makes it unique! That’s what makes it work for you! That’s what puts money in your bank account!

Wouldn’t it be great if you only had one job to do? Yes, you have only one job and that is to get leads and capture their email address.  It’s simple!  We show you how to get leads, you send these leads to the system, the system sells high quality products to your leads, you will earn $1,250, $3,300 or even $5,500 commissions on those sales.

And once you start to make your first commissions, I will help you creating your own funnels to even leverage this system. Most of the people don’t do that and use what all the other use. But having your own unique funnel will help your business growing to the next level!

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You have to be a decision taker, all the time. Every day you have the choice if you want to go to work and make someone else happy or if you want to start working for yourself.

Imagine what it would be like if YOU could choose when and where you want to work, being free, having no boss… sounds good? Then I would definitely give this a try, you have nothing to loose.


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