My Favorite Solo Ad Resources

Solo Ads are a nice way to get immediate traffic. You can use it to test your funnel (squeeze pages and / or sales pages) or scale up when you have tested it to get massive traffic to your opt-in pages for example.

I don’t want to talk about solo ads as such here because there are lots of products or posts out there that explain this in detail.

What I want to show you in this post are my favorite resources to get a solo ad from.

Watch the video below to learn more about my favorite resources and how to use them.

Here again the list of my favorite solo ad resources:

Update June 2017

It turned out that more and more solo ads are crap! Yes you will get leads with solo ads, but most of them are on tons of other lists. That means the chance to make sales with those leads gets smaller and smaller.

I have tested a traffic source lately (similar to solos) which converted really well! I want to introduce to to Manny Hernandez and his Rock Solid Traffic. Manny is a very experience solo ads seller but has now changed his approach of generating traffic. I suggest you go to his site and watch the video where he explains on how he generates his great traffic. And then buy your first clicks with him, you will definitely not regret it.

==> Check out Rock Solid Traffic


When you buy some solo ads or traffic in general it’s always important that you track the results of it. So you can compare the different sellers and decide which ones you want to use again or not.

Below I have created a video for you where I show you a template that you can use to track your solo ads.

As you can see it’s really important to track everything you do so you will be able to improve things or change sellers in the future.

Here you can download my Solo Ad Tracking Template:

Download My Solo Ad Tracking Template


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