10 Tips for Entrepreneurs for a Millionaires Mind

Who wants to be a millionaire? Because I know many wish to become a millionaire but lack the millionaire mindset! Have you ever wondered, how some seem to create money out of thin air while others struggle to make a dollar?

Consequently, this happens for a few reasons. However, the main reason is that most people do not have a solid plan or blueprint. Because the information that I will share with you is not shared freely. Millionaires always take practical steps towards their goals, by doing so, they accomplish all that they desire in their life and business.

Also, millionaires do everything with purpose and on purpose. Are you living a life of purpose? Because the millionaire mindset tips that are covered in this article are not taught in classrooms or learning institutions. However, I believe they should be.

If becoming a millionaire is something you want to achieve in your life, pay attention to these 10 tips. Then make it a priority to use them in your daily routine. By doing so they will manifest into your life.

Before diving into the tips, let’s look at the two main categories of people who desire to be millionaires. The two types of people have different mindsets, approaches, desires, and courage.

Employee Mindset:

Individuals with an employee mindset will typically spend most of their time looking for a get rich quick scheme rather than rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Someone with this mindset may also think they can accomplish millionaire status with a higher salary. With the employee mindset, the employee thinks their salvation is only making more money in their current job. Making it difficult to accomplish as it’s very hard for anyone to find a job that pays high enough to earn millions of dollars. The employee route is the most difficult way for you to become a millionaire.

Having an employee mindset is dangerous in that you think your salvation is just to make more money in your current job. This mindset makes it tough to accomplish big things, and it is especially difficult to find a job that pays high enough to earn millions of dollars. The employee route is the most difficult way for you to become a millionaire.

Entrepreneur Mindset:

The entrepreneur’s mindset is for those who think of wealth regarding business and not a job. Their focus on building a business for themselves and their family. Anyone with the entrepreneur’s mindset is willing to do whatever it takes to become a business owner. As they always seek out new ways to create their future, and not work on building someone else’s future. They always study and learn through training, mentorship, and personal development. Individuals with the entrepreneur mindset are well on their way to millionaire status.

Those with the entrepreneur’s mindset are always growing, study, and learning through reading, audios, training, and mentorship. They have a love for growth and personal development. The individuals with the entrepreneur mindset are well on their way to millionaire status.

Below are the 10 millionaire mindset tips for you to follow:


The first step in achieving anything is believing. It’s never quite enough to think that becoming is a millionaire is possible though. You have to believe deep down inside that it is possible for you, and not only think that it’s possible but know that it is possible for you.

So many times people set out with high hopes to accomplish this milestone with an inferior belief system. Having a weak belief system will cause you never follow through with the tasks or quit when the going gets tough. That’s why it is especially important for you to believe it’s possible for you to achieve the millionaire mindset.


Have you ever done the millionaire math? Because understanding the math is vital for you to become a millionaire. First set an expiration date. Maybe you want to earn $1,000,000 in 3 years. Start by dividing $1,000,000 by 3, and by doing this, you are chunking a big goal down to let the mind see that it is possible for you.

Isn’t it much easier to digest mentally the possibility of earning $333,333 over three years rather than just $1,000,000? Below we will break it down further for enhanced mental clarity.

Just divide $333,333 by the month, week, day, and all the way down to the hour when doing this exercise!

$333,333 divided by 12 is $27,777.75 per month

  • Divide the total by 52 is $6,410.25 per week
  • Then by 365 is $912.24 per day
  • Next divide by 8,760 is $0.26 per hour
  • Do that for three years, and you’ve earned $1,000,000.


To become a millionaire you should explore millionaires. By doing so, you will learn what it took for them to accomplish their success. You will also learn from their struggles, successes, and gain valuable insights on how they achieved their success. Furthermore, by analyzing successful entrepreneurs, you will notice you are experiencing tremendous inspiration and motivation as you see what is possible by keeping your dream alive.

So pick out a few successful entrepreneurs today and read their story for encouragement. By doing so, you are building your faith to persist as you work towards your goals and dreams.


All successful entrepreneurs and professionals understand the importance of mentorship. To expedite your results, expand your network, and improve your inner circle, and find a mentor. By doing so, you will notice that you arrive at your destination with much greater speed.

Imagine avoiding roadblocks and obstacles in your business, all because of the real life examples of what has and hasn’t worked for your mentor. You see, mentorship saves us time and quickly puts you on the right path without much of the trial and error phase. FYI, behind every millionaire is a successful millionaire mentor.


Have you heard the phrase, “you’re the sum of your five closest friends?” Example, if your five friends are broke, down on their luck, and not very successful. Guess what, you will be broke, down on your luck, and not successful.

For this reason, make it a point of yours to have an inner circle of five individuals that are at a higher level of income than yourself. By doing this, you will be challenged and inspired to do more, and excel in your field.


He or she who has skills wins in business. Keep in mind; skills can be tricky. I know many people that have online businesses and are not tech savvy. However, they may possess leadership skills and build great teams. Sure they may not create pages or write copy because they outsource those tasks. Because they understand how business works, and they focus on their strengths while others concentrate on the areas they are weak.

Having said that, maybe you’re bootstrapping your business, you do not have that luxury yet. Be sure to develop the necessary skills that you need to succeed in your business, and if you are looking for a great resource, and haven’t found one yet. Feel free to check out the best online training and business opportunity at Elite Affiliate Group.


If we were to survey the “unsuccessful,” we would uncover one common flaw. Many times, they live in the past rather than the present or future. Did you know it’s impossible to go forward if you’re aways looking back? Try this if you do not believe me, walk everywhere looking behind yourself. Before long, you will see what I am talking about as you will be continually bumping into things, tripping, falling and never actually arrive at your destination.

Isn’t this frustrating? Also, the past should only be used as a learning experience, because it’s not a predictor of your future. Be determined to focus on the future if you want to have a millionaire mindset.


The eighth tip of the millionaire mindset is having a no fear or fear of failure mentality. By living fearful or worried about failure, you are certain never to take the necessary action needed to make a million dollars. Fear is paralyzing, being scared to fail will cause you to never take massive action on anything, and by taking no action, you’ll miss golden opportunities to level up when they manifest. With the same token, if you continually worry about failure then you’re preparing to fail.

All successful entrepreneurs know “failing” in some form or fashion is inevitable. In fact, they want to fail as fast as possible, to quickly discover what works so that they can attain success as soon as possible.


Anyone who has made a million dollars monitors and tracked their progress. It’s not enough to just try and make a bunch of money, and never pay attention the progress or lack thereof. First, get clear on what you’re trying to accomplish, and track your results. Always pay close attention to your numbers and know exactly where you are in the process. By doing so, you can make the necessary adjustments and understand where you are in the process.


Celebrate your victories, no matter how big or small you must celebrate your wins. For example, maybe you just made your first Basic Membership sale in our Elite Elevation Group Affiliate Program. Celebrate your victory! Notice we celebrate you!

By doing so, you’re displaying a grateful posture, and this allows more of it to flow into your life. So always have an attitude of gratitude, and you will notice more of what you are grateful for manifesting into your life.

In closing, something that anyone wanting a millionaire mindset should understand that there will always be obstacles. For this reason, you should implement these millionaire mindset tips and continually grow as an entrepreneur. By focusing on the expansion your business and developing as a professional, you will quickly overcome your obstacles.
Thank you for reading our millionaire mindset tips. Be sure to implement them into your life and business so that you can get started earning your million today.

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