Learn, Automate, Then Have Fun

outsourceThis is a lesson I’m just REALLY getting to mastering myself, but . . .

Neither you nor me got into business to do work all day long.

We started our business to create time and money freedom for ourselves and our families.

But the trap many get caught in is:

– learning something – doing it – creating results

But then we don’t take the last step.

So we get caught in a loop that ends with using all of our time, when the last step is simple.

Make it a system and outsource it.

Once you understand something fully, once you have results to back up it’s validity, don’t get yourself caught in having to do it yourself over and over and over again to get the results.

Most of the aspects of your business that create results can and should be something someone else does.

The puzzle in my mind was figuring out the “HOW” to do this step.

It’s actually simpler than you think.

What you do is you break it all down into systems.

For example:

If pay per click marketing is a way you’re getting leads, take an hour or two to first write down the important steps that bring you leads.

Make a video of each step.

Then ask “Who can I get to do this for me?”

Go find that person (It could be a family member.) Pay them how you choose.

Now you may say, how do I pay someone if I’m not making much right now?”

Pay on performance. Tell your future worker that for every successful sale or new recruit in your business you’ll give them X dollars.

Most people will be happy to take it.

You’ll get the more robotic work done in your business that you don’t physically have to do yourself done.

You’ll free up your time. You’ll make your business scalable and you’re now thinking like a true business person.

Make a habit of this.

Instead of figuring how much you can do, think instead to how many systems you can create and outsource and you’ll see your results soar.

If you don’t know which systems work. Don’t start from scratch and waste time.

If you already have some money and want to pay for outsourcing, here are some resources you can use:

Upwork (formerly Odesk)




iWriter (for articles and ebooks)



Just a few to mention, there are tons of resources out there where you can outsource your tasks.

Go make it happen!


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