I Just Finished My 90 Day Video Challenge

I finally did it!!! 🙂

Wow, I have just finished my 90 day video challenge with MOBE.

What was it all about?

Well, about 3 months ago, Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE, challenged us to participate in the 90 day challenge… Each of us had to state their 90 day goals on a special Facebook Group, so everybody could see it.

Then we had to update our status each day on this Facebook Group and tell others what we have done. In the beginning it was only a video challenge, so creating a video each and every day, but later it did not only include videos but anything you wanted to do (but related to internet marketing).

Here is a video of Matt challenging everybody (you could still do this for yourself):


So as I said, each day, we had to post proof (preferably video proof, but screenshots were acceptable too) that we took action.

Other members would help keep us accountable, and we should did the same for them.


So I am going to post my goals I had for this challenge here as well:

My 90 day challenge goals:

  • create a video each day and deliver content related to MOBE and/or internet marketing
  • make myself a name in the industry
  • Make $20K in commissions with MOBE
  • become Titanium
  • post 2-3 status updates on my Facebook FanPage each week
  • make 2-3 blog posts on my blog each week

So did I reach all the goals? NO!

Here are my results:

  • I created 90 videos with content about internet marketing / MOBE
  • Of course some more people now know my name than before. I am still working on this point
  • Nope, I did not make the $20K in commissions
    I did not expect that it takes so much time to create, edit and upload all the videos. So my mistake was that I focused too much on this instead of actions (like driving traffic) that make money.
  • No, I did not upgrade to Titanium yet. I wanted to do this with the money I mad in commissions
    BUT, what I did is I joined the inner circle of Shaqir Hussyin (one of the top earners with MOBE). So I guess this is much more valuable. I get coaching for the whole 2015, together with some other marketers we will rock 2015!
  • Yes, I posted my videos every day on my Facebook FanPage, as well as some nice quotes and free content from other blogs or great offers
  • And yes, I posted 2 blog posts a week

So all in all I would say this challenge was still a big success. I was not about the money, but more about the experience. And of course I improved my videos. Now it’s easy for me to be in front of the camera and create some videos on the PC.

And also I still have lots of videos with content I can use here on my blog.

Some key points I realized during the challenge:

  • Group spirit is really important to keep you going
  • It’s all about Mindset! If you believe in yourself and think you can do it, then you can!
  • connecting with other marketers and talk about IM topics is also important and keep you motivated and up to date
  • Live Events are really great. I attended the Traffic Millionaires Summit in London during that time and it was a great experience.
    If you have the chance to attend a live event, just do it! The value and spirit that you get out of this is invaluable! Connecting and talking to top marketers is something you should always do.
  • Learning from top marketer can be your short cut. Join masterminds, inner circles, workshops or webinars to learn from the best.
  • You can hardly do it all alone. Surround yourself with other like minded people and you will create synergies

If you want to check out some videos, then go to my YouTube Channel and also subscribe to it, I am not done now with videos… this was just the beginning!

=> Watch my YouTube Channel

And here you can see and like all the posts on my Facebook FanPage

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Watch the last video with a quick summary below:


So I made myself a Christmas gift with finishing the challenge exactly on this day 🙂

In this sense, I also wish all you guys a happy Christmas, enjoy the time with your loved ones, take a little break and relax.


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