How to Use Automation in GetResponse

Automation is a really cool thing that you should use if you are a member of GetResponse.

What you can do for example is moving subscribers automatically from one list to another, delete or add them.

Let’s say you have your own sales funnel. So you get your leads on your squeeze page and they will be put onto your “freebie” list. After the opt-in you send your leads to your offer page. Now if someone buys your product, you want your lead to be moved from the freebie list to your buyers list. Now you can define this in GetResponse with the automation functionality. Do you want to remove the lead from your freebie list and add it to your buyers list? Or do you want to have it on both lists? This is up to you and you can define this as you want.

This is an example of how an Automation rule can look like:

Automation in GetResponse


Now watch this short video to learn how you can use the automation functionality in GetResponse


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