How to Schedule your Blog Posts, Facebook Posts and Videos

Scheduling some of your work (like Facebook posts, blog posts or videos) can be really helpful. That means you don’t have to be on your computer when a post or a video is posted on your blog or on YouTube.

Maybe you want to post a blog post each and every day on your blog, but there are some days where you don’t have internet access, for example when you are on a vacation, or you need some time off…. Then you still can schedule your posts and they will posted every day. It looks like you have posted them personally every day. The same you can do with videos on YouTube or with facebook posts on your own fan page.

I have created 3 videos that show you how to schedule your blog posts, facebook posts or videos. They are short and to the point. Just watch them and you will know how to do the scheduling for yourself.

How to schedule your blog posts on wordpress


How to schedule your facebook posts on your fan page


How to schedule a video on YouTube


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