How To Live The 4 Hour Work Week

In case you’re not familiar with the 4 hour work week, it’s a book written by Tim Ferriss where he illustrates how he accomplishes the 4 hour work week in his life, and how you can have the same results.

In this article, I’ve compressed my takeaways into 5 secrets from reading the 4 hour work week and consolidated into this easy to read article.  So lets dive into the top five.


First things first, automation is the secret sauce to living the 4 hour work week. By incorporating automation into your marketing process, you will find that your life will become much easier. Especially because there are so many tools available to assist in automating your business. The tools at your disposal are continually evolving and improving, so there’s really no excuse for having to work long hours! Of course you have to setup your systems first, but once you do life gets A LOT easier.

Understanding that when you get first get started, you may have to manually do much of your work. However, once the systems are in place your focus needs to be on finding tools to automate your business. The best system that you can use right now is the Elite Elevation Group, as an affiliate. Because with the Elite Elevation Group affiliate program, your have a fully automated business processes from a to z.

If the Elite Elevation Group’s products is your first online business, we also have a robust commission structure, expanding training library of videos, team building community, coaching and more.  We have basic level membership all the way up to our beloved Black Diamond Memberships. As the higher you invest in your business the faster you move forward in your business with top tier commissions!


Product development can take huge amounts of time to create. I call this the guru method. Keep in mind, you do not need to create what you sell online. Many people earn fantastic incomes leveraging others products as an affiliate. This is the easiest way for you to get started. The majority of top businessmen are not creators of products – they simply license or franchise others proven systems and products.

Licensing products takes a lot of the pressure off of you, because you do not have to be worried with learning the market, developing a team, and all the other details. You leave that to those who already have experience in that area. Because otherwise it can take years for you to learn a new market.

So why waste that time, when you can simply help someone who has already gone through the difficulty of doing that work? Remember, the 4 hour work week is about simplifying things not complicating them


Simply put, you should always actively seek the advice and company of people who have done what you are wanting to do in life. After all, “you’re the sum of your 5 best friends,” so pay careful attention to who you spend most of your time with. Always seek to be around those who inspire, challenge, and help you excel at your achievements.

When building friendships, do not get in a hurry.  Take your time in building friendships and alliances. Here is a tip. Make friends with people who are busier than you are. There is usually good reason as to why they are busy. You want to be busy as well. But in the right way. However, keep this in mind. Not everyone you encounter will like you, and that is okay. Just continually stay among respectable busy people that you may gain as mentors.


Keep in mind, if you are going to live the 4 hour work week, you can’t start living it after you earn a certain amount of money. Granted you may have to sacrifice some comfort in the beginning in order to truly accomplish this in your life. The first thing that you need to understand is the 4 hour work week is a lie if you are just starting your online business.

Because if you are trying to start a business it will require both work and sacrifice. But, you can’t call that start up work, “work.”
Example: do you think Tim himself worked 4 hours per day while promoting the original 4 hour work week book? Of course not.  So, if you want to start a business, it is going to take some work. The lifestyle of the free entrepreneur is one that is quite comical to me and the concept offers a great deal of delusion.

Thankfully, there are many automation programs and systems available for us to use today than ever before.

The Elite Elevation Group has the techniques that you need to live out this strategy to a “T”.

Time Management

Scheduling and automation is your closest friend as it pertains to managing your time, especially if you do not have a team that works for you. You should have two focuses. First, creating a system that handles much of your simple tasks of your marketing and promotion. This alone will free up much of your time to accomplish exciting and complex work that still needs doing.

For example, it’s not possible to locate a great mentor-finding if you’re always behind on simple tasks like email delivery. So, look for ways to eliminate those processes from your schedule and automate it with your autoresponder.

When you free up your time, it’s time to start making new connections. This is why it’s critical for you to learn how to manage your time. If you want to gain better friends, you’ll have to learn to manage your time better in order to get around those with higher value than yours.

If you can not establish contact with a leader, then make friends with the gatekeepers. When all else fails, the gatekeeper is the one that has the ability to get you to in front of the decision maker and their introduction in many cases is much more effective that you introducing yourself in the first place.

This allows the gate keepers to properly screen you. Many times this keeps people from wasting the decision makers time. So be sure to make them feel special. And the more that you allow them to do their job, the easier it will be to establish contact with the decision maker. Above all you will make friends with those who are on their way up, and you are establishing  yourself with a network of associates and mentors.

The easiest way to attain both profit and freedom is to build systems that work for you instead of you work on a system all the time. Because when you have the right system behind you, it becomes much easier for you to build your own system. The biggest takeaway is that automation is your ticket to profit more, in less time. When you implement this phase the 4 hour work week becomes more of a reality for you.

One of the biggest tests that you’ll face as a new entrepreneur is finding balance. Keep in mind that it takes some time for things to click, and you have to be patient.


Keep these tips close to you so you can expedite your results. It is your time right now, so stop seeking permission and move into the life that you were born to create for yourself. At your disposal is the Elite Elevation Group and all that it offers!

We are taking entrepreneurs to the top!

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