How to Craft an “Order-Pulling” Guarantee

Tell me what’s wrong with this statement…

“If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days we’ll give you a full refund.”

Your first response might be, “Well, nothing’s wrong with it. I’ve heard it a lot. It sounds like a standard industry guarantee.”

And that’s exactly what’s wrong with it. If your guarantee is the same as 99.99% of the guarantees your customers have heard in the past, it’s worthless.

It does nothing to set you apart.

It does nothing to pull in sales.

It does nothing. Period.

It’s just a bunch of words that your customers ignore like so much hot air.

So, how do you craft a real, killer, sales-gathering guarantee?

Well, one way, is with a Performance Promise Guarantee.

A Performance Promise Guarantee looks like this…

If you ______ and do NOT ______ by _______ then I’ll refund every penny.

Now, let’s fill it in with some examples.

If you take my fitness class and do NOT lose 5 inches off your waist in 30 days, then I’ll refund every penny.

If you follow my instructions and do NOT increase your sales by at least 30% in 90 days, then I’ll refund every penny.

Now, those are powerful guarantees, right?

And you can make them even stronger, by making the “refund every penny” part even stronger.

“…I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back”
“…I’ll refund every penny and buy you a steak dinner”


Remember this one…

“Hot fresh pizza delivered right to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”

That’s a Performance Promise. And it made Domino’s Pizza the number one pizza chain in America.

That’s how powerful a Performance Promise Guarantee can be.

How powerful is your guarantee?
How powerful is the guarantee for the products you’re promoting?

Think about your guarantee or the product you are promoting… Is it strong enough? Do you need to change anything?

Take the example from above (fill in the blanks) and use it for you. Best thing is to split-test 2 different statements and see which one converts better to sales…


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