How To Be More Proactive (And Successfull) In 2015

I’ve noticed there are two kinds of people.

Proactive and reactive.

Proactive people have a vision for what they want to achieve. But more importantly, they take action now (today!). They start taking steps in the direction of that vision right away.

  • They don’t wait until everything is “perfect” because they know perfection is a lie.
  • They know that the most important factor in achieving any dream is TIME. Not money, not intelligence. TIME.
  • They know that it is always easier to make a fast start, get down the learning curve quickly, and earn some small victories early…than to fall behind and have to play “catch up”.

Here’s an example.

I know a friend, Eric, who started saving 10% of his income when he was 18 years old. And he has stuck with this plan his whole life. He’s now 35 years old.

Let’s say he averaged an income of $50,000 per year…at only 3% interest, that’s over $100,000 he’d have saved now.

If he keeps it up until he’s 65 (and still only makes $50,000 per year)…at only 3% interest, he’d have over half a million dollars saved.

Now, let’s look at a reactive person.

A reactive person gets to age 45 and says, “Hmmm, I haven’t saved anything, I guess I should start playing catch up”

This reactive 45 year old will have to save over $18,000 per year to get to $500,000 by the time he turns 65. Let’s hope he’s making more than $50,000, because $18,000 is almost 40% of $50,000!

In other words, the 45 year old has to save 3 times as much per year as Eric did to get to the same savings level by age 65.

It pays to be proactive. It costs you big time to say “I’ll wait for the perfect time to start saving”. Perfect is a lie. The perfect time will NEVER come.

What does this have to do with your online business?

Well, the main reason to start an online business is to make money, right? Sure, you have dreams that are not about money (spending time with your family, traveling the world, retiring early, working from the comfort of your own home) but all of those dreams require money. All those dreams are easier to achieve if you have more money.

So, the worst thing you can do is to say, “I’ll wait until the perfect opportunity comes”. Perfect is a lie. That perfect opportunity will never come.

Being proactive means finding a very good opportunity…and getting off your butt and getting started.

MTTB is the only online business opportunity I’ve seen that pays top tier commissions (up to $5000) and requires no phone selling, no shipping or warehousing of product, and no website design.

Is it perfect?

Of course not. But perfect is a lie. If you wait for perfect, you’ll be waiting forever. Or playing catch up when it’s too late!

And there is one other important thing…

If you are proactive and start a new business / system / opportunity, give it some time and don’t quit too early saying it does not work!

Some people flit from one business opportunity to the next like bees from flower to flower…never sticking around long enough to actually achieve real success.

They tell themselves that the system that doesn’t work.

It’s never them. It’s never that they gave up to soon.

It’s always the system.

I’m convinced that, because so many online entrepreneurs are looking for ‘get rich quick’ schemes, they bail out just before they reach the finish line. They give up just before the system starts to work because it’s not “quick” enough.

The MTTB partner in this short audio message almost bailed out just before his first big success. Just before the system started to work for him.

Listen in as MTTB affiliate manager, Matt Boland, calls Rothwell to let him know he’s just earned $8000 in commissions…and how close Rothwell was to missing out on his big payday.

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