How to Get Results Online When You Are New

First of all, if you’re just getting started building an online business, be advised that some challenges will arise as a new online business owner. And in this article, I will share how you can easily get results online even if you are just getting started online.

So, let’s face it, getting started in a program is probably the easiest step you will take as a new online business owner. Because all you need to do is express interest in a business, maybe come across a promotion or social post, or perhaps respond to an advertisement. From there if you capitalized on the opportunity and signed up for a program, congrats it’s just that easy.

However, what happens next can either make or break your online business. Because at this point it’s critical that you become laser focused and drill down into the process to create your successful business and get results online.

So if you are brand new here’s how you can get results online even if you are just getting started with your online business. I like to approach processes from the simple and practical manner.

Step #1 K.I.S.S.

Keep it, simple, stupid.  lol

I use this terminology because it’s easy to over-complicate the process without focus and direction. Without both focus and direction, you will run into the new online business owners nemesis, which is information overload. Here are a few simple steps to avoid this nemesis as an Elite Elevation Group member.

  • Connect with your team leader ASAP.
  • Build your selling system and get your links set up.
  • Pick one free traffic source and paid traffic source and spread the news.

Here I will break it down a little further.

Connecting: be sure to connect with your Team Leader as soon as possible. As they have an ethical obligation to you as a paying customer to share information and offer guidance. Ask them questions like, how they’re producing results, do they have team meetings, hangouts, or any information that may assist you. Please know you are in a networking business, so connect. Start connecting by networking with those who are on your team and those who are where you aspire to be, and by doing you’ll expedite results.

Building: Next you must build your selling system. Simply log into your member’s area and locate your affiliate portal and follow the steps to set up your links. So if you’re new and may lack tools to start just quickly by promoting the default funnel. However, keep in mind that the end goal is to build your own unique selling system with custom pages in the future. When you do you will have total control of your lead collection and follow-up sequences that are branded to you. Check out a few tools that you would need to build a custom selling system:

Again, these tools are not necessary to start, because you can promote your main affiliate link. But as soon as you are ready to take the next step and assume control simply set up your system. When you do you will have full control of your lead capturing and follow up process.

Traffic Generation 101, I recommend that keeping it very simple to start. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall prey to trying too many traffic sources to generate site visitors. By taking this approach, it is likely that you will end up overwhelmed and even worse, never master traffic. So, be sure to be careful with your traffic generation.

For this reason, the leadership at the Elite Affiliate Group recommends one free method and one paid method at a time. Once you master those two traffic sources, then move on to the next source. If you operate in this manner you can scale horizontally while scaling vertically. Here are some traffic sources for you to consider.

Free Traffic:

  • blog/SEO
  • YouTube Videos
  • Facebook Organic Strategies
  • Craigslist

Paid Traffic:

  • Solo Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Media Buys

Consequently, paid click traffic is the fastest way to get results flowing in your online business. For this reason, they grant access to quality Tier-One Traffic with the Elite Traffic Agency. The Elite Traffic Agency is a premium traffic source that is shared only with their affiliates to help them get fast results. ETA keeps you from canvassing the market for reputable solo ad vendors. When using the Elite Traffic Agency, you are getting traffic from their house email list that they use.

In closing, I’ll give you the fastest route to get results online.

  1. Join Elite Elevation Group
  2. Reach out to your team leader.
  3. Locate the community link in your member’s area and get on our weekly calls.
  4. Sign up as an Affiliate
  5. Purchase a unique domain name
  6. Redirect your house affiliate link in the DNS settings as per our set up training.
  7. Select 1 free traffic strategy and 1 paid traffic strategy.
  8. Pick Up Some Elite Traffic.
  9. Start making sales

Setting up your personal system.

  1. Join the Elite Elite Elevation Group
  2. Reach out to your team lead
  3. Get on our weekly calls via the community link in your member’s area
  4. Sign up as an Affiliate
  5. Purchase your unique domain name
  6. If you are a ClickFunnels member access the provided sales funnel.
  7. Import your domain to your link tracker.
  8. Place the proper checkout page or sales page on the buttons of your funnel.
  9. Integrate your auto responder to your lead capture page software.
  10. Start generating leads with one free method, and one paid method.
  11. Pick Up Some Elite Traffic.
  12. Start making sales.

As a new marketer, it boils down to getting started, taking action, and keeping it as clean and simple as possible. If you have already taken action and started the process make sure to lean on your team leader and our coaches for guidance. Next, ensure to engage in the groups and attend the calls and webinars, because you can ask questions and connect with our leaders immediately.

So, for access to the system that lays all these principals and more feel free to check out the Elite Elevation Group!



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