How to Gain Mental Toughness

To be successful in life or business a trait that you must possess is mental toughness. And to increase mental toughness, you’ll have to exercise this muscle in your life. Honestly, using mental toughness muscles are not very fun, but it’s a necessary preparation for anything that may come your way.

Because without a measure of mental toughness, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll succeed at anything. What will you do when the pressure arrives, obstacles are in front of you, or your support system falls apart? These are questions that you should ask yourself.

First, ask yourself, am I mentally tough or am I a mental cream puff?

Keep in mind; you do not need the mental toughness of a Navy Seal. But seriously, have you ever thought about your responses to situations? What’s your initial reaction when you’re opposed, challenged or things are not going your way? Do you take a deep breath, walk away and regroup? Or do you go off like a $2 top? Because what I’ve learned over the years is that emotions are a silent killer. If you let your emotions run wild, they can kill you and everything around you.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or perhaps a new online business owner and you’re just venturing into entrepreneurship ask yourself these questions. Am I mentally tough? If you can use some work in this area, continue with this article. I’ll be sharing tips on how you can gain mental toughness and say bye bye to mental weakness.

These tips are great to help you be mentally prepared to succeed in your online business. Do everything with purpose and good reason.

Decide To Be Mentally Tough

Hey. Do you want to be mentally tough? Then you have to make the decision to be mentally tough. Everything starts and ends here. So if you’ve never consciously made the decision to be mentally tough then guess what? You’re not going to be mentally tough, and you’ll stay on life’s emotional coaster ride.

Handle Your Emotions

Now you’ve decided to be the next mental giant so what’s next? Hold fast the storm of life will surely come to you. Next on deck will be on the job training. Situations will arise that will place you in the position to exercise your mental toughness muscles. However, what is different now is that you have consciously made the decision to be mentally tough.

So when these situations come pay attention to the way you feel. When your blood pressure goes up, then you know you are at the place where you need to handle your mental game. With this exercise, I am not saying that you will never get angry, upset, pissed or cry.

But what I am talking about is melting down every time that something does not go your way. Believe me; I’m not recommending become a zombie that is numb to everything hurled your way either. However, letting it knock you completely off your game is entirely different.

Find Your Happy Place

Here’s the thing. We’ve established the fact that if you are alive, things will always pop up unannounced that may test your resolve. For that reason alone, you need to have an action plan waiting in the wings. What will you do when a situation drops on you? Maybe you have made enough noise to raise up some haters. Will you edify them or simply carry on about your business? Here are some practical steps to moving past these things.

  • Laugh it off
  • Take a walk
  • Do something you love
  • Take a break
  • Walk away
  • Ignore certain situations
  • Workout

This list can go on forever. The bottom line is this; you never want to give anyone or any situation power over you. When you go off like a bomb, whatever that situation is or was now has power and authority over you.

Push Yourself When Challenges Come

When these problems come push yourself. Many times people are just living life on autopilot, and when something happens, they react. Pushing yourself when challenges come means that you are prepared or should I say aware.

Awareness and preparedness are critical. Becuase once you recognize a familiar situation then you can appropriately respond to it rather than reacting. By doing so, it will help you to push through rather than go down in a ball of flames.

Surround Yourself with Savages

Have you ever heard the saying, “sleep with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas?” If you hang with savages, you will take on their personality and become a savage yourself. Here are some traits that you need to look for in your savage buddies.

  • Don’t complain
  • Don’t whine
  • Handles there business no matter what is going on
  • Even keel
  • Patient to a degree – (my biggest struggle)

These are the people that can be walking through hell, and you’d never really know it to be the case. They are solid as a rock and portray smooth consistency. Do you think they have it all together all the time? I am sure they don’t, but you will never know it because they know how to handle the challenges that come their way. So surround yourself with savages and become a savage.

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