Free 11 – Video Course – How to Make Facebook Ads work for you


LeadPages has done it again.

For those of you who remember their Webinar Funnel System course, the folks at LeadPages have managed to outdo themselves with their new Facebook Advertising System course.

In just two years, LeadPages’ growth has been nothing short of astounding. They have gone from zero to over 30,000 customers since they launched in January 2013.

In their new course, LeadPages is showing you exactly how they add 4,000 new contacts and at least 250 new customers per month to their business, just by using Facebook ads. Go check this out.

In this 11-video course, LeadPages is walking you through this Facebook advertising system they use every day to grow their business. They’re also showing you how to build this exact same Facebook advertising system to sell your own products and services.

It’s one of the best courses I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of course that others would charge hundreds (if not thousands) for.

Right now, LeadPages is giving away this entire 11-video course.

Which means I get to offer the entire course to you, at no cost whatsoever. (You don’t even need to opt-in.)

==> Get the Facebook Course right Now

Inside this 11-part course, you’ll find. . .

  • Everything You Need to Create Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns: You’ll get simple, step-by-step instructions to create your very own profitable Facebook ad campaign. (This includes everything from coming up with your Facebook ad to running a full campaign to drilling down to find the ideal target audience, which can increase your sales and help you save on ads.)

  • Simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to create, test and target Facebook campaigns that you can apply directly to your business.

  • A Behind the Scenes Look at LeadPages’ Paid Advertising Strategy: You’ll get an exclusive tour of the Facebook advertising system that generates over 4,000 subscribers and 250+ paying customers for LeadPages every month.

  • How to Use Facebook’s Tools to Make Your Campaign More Effective: You’ll learn how to use the many tools Facebook offers to target the audience you want, build your ads and track your results so you can find the ads that work best to convert your target audience.

Along with the 11 videos, this free course includes a mindmap, infographic, checklist, the exclusive spreadsheet that LeadPages created to track their own results, MP3s, slides, transcripts and more.

Again, there’s absolutely no cost for this phenomenal course. It’s my gift to you.

You can watch all 11 videos without even opting in if you wish.

Dive into this 11-part LeadPages course.

P.S. Great value like this doesn’t come around very often — especially at no cost. So I highly encourage you to take advantage of this course.

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