Email Marketing Tips For Better Results

In case you’re unaware, email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a tremendous business online.  However, there are some considerations to make before you start firing off campaigns and mashing the send button to your subscribers.

In Today’s article, we’ll deliver some helpful email marketing tips to help you get better email marketing results.  Because we have tested these and they have proven beneficial to our business for better results.

Keep in mind, there are many pros to having a great email subscriber base.  Especially with the many ways, you can build your list.   However, that’s not the purpose of this article.  The sole purpose of this article is to help you communicate better with your list and improve results.

First of all, let’s start with an understanding the problems associated with email marketing.  Then deliver email marketing tips as a solution to the highlighted problems.

What is the Problem with Email?

Did you know there are approximately 205 billion emails sent daily?  This represents a grand total of 88 emails per day for each person in the world.  I’m not sure about you, but I can only imagine that it’s not humanly possible for anyone to read 88 emails per day.  Since knowing that stat alone, wouldn’t it be helpful to understand how to improve open rates and get higher CTR’s?

Some basic stats are as follows:

  • 4% click
  • 22% open
  • 78% do nothing

Did you know for every $1.00 spent it produces on average $38.00 in revenue?  Doesn’t this information alone make email marketing a very effective method of doing business?  Always work on your craft.

Who – The Subscriber

As in any good marketing campaign, great targeting is a must otherwise there is the risk of an unresponsive list.  Below are some tips to help you have higher open rates and better click through rates.

  1. Personalization – Since the personalization stats say that you can get up to 26% higher open rates and 30% higher CTR.
  2. Address your subscriber by name.
  3. Include personal details with in your email.
  4. Use direct language.
  5. Write conversational emails to your subscribers.

What – Do You Send

With your emails, you need to ask yourself this question.  What’s the goal of the email?  Because it is important to have one goal, one question, one outcome, and one request.

So let’s begin by diving into the beloved subject line.  Because you should be intriguing without using click bait, be short without being cryptic, urgent without being slimy, and action driven without being disingenuine.  However, keep in mind that they are real people on the other end of your emails.

Consider these tips when designing your email subject lines.

  • 51-60 characters produce higher open rates.
  • 6-10 characters produce higher open rates.
  • Identify who the sender is, don’t hide behind a company.
  • Speak to the subscriber directly over speak in more general terms.

Motivation – What’s In It?

Always strive to deliver value in your email marketing.  Because every email subscriber will ask themselves one question.

Whats in it for me?

Since you understand their motivation, you should think about solutions over sales with the content of your emails.  However, this requires you to get into your subscriber’s mind and answer a few questions as you compose your emails.

Example:  “What kind of destruction will this email save me from.?”

“What type of bliss with this email deliver me unto?”

Get definitive in your CTA!  Instead of CLICK HERE, use CLICK HERE TO EXPERIENCE FREEDOM NOW!

Always be sure to end with a CTA and use the footer for a P.S with a CTA.

When – Best Time

Obviously, you want to send your emails at the right time!  Now it’s ultimately up to you to mail your list when and how you want to mail them.  However, statistically speaking not all days are created equal, so it’s up to you for testing.

It’s said the best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday.  The worse days are Saturday and Sunday.  Having said that, the best delivery times are 11 am, and 9 pm on Sundays, go figure.

With your emails be sure to use urgency triggers but don’t be tempted too overboard.  Using words like now, today, tomorrow, announcing, limited time, open now, are all good urgency triggers.  In addition to urgency, another tip is to have a count down with a deadline such as 24 hrs remaining.

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How – Best Length

Always think in terms of quality of words over quantity as it pertains to words. Because we live in a fast paced world so what do you think would be more effective? Longer email marketing emails or shorter versions. Before firing off your next novel be sure to understand the tips below.

Entrepreneur Magazine says the perfect email length is around 150 words or 5 sentences or less. However, check out these additional tips to help you with your email marketing and get better results.

  • Be sure to use white space for better scanning.
  • Optimize your emails for mobile.
  • 50% of all email is opened on mobile.
  • 42% is not displayed correctly and end up being deleted.

In closing, give these email marketing tips a shot and see if they help you produce higher open rates and click through rates with your email marketing.

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All the best!

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