Do You Know the “Hub” Method of Online Success?

Did you know you can get to your online business goals faster by going slower?

It’s true.

FedEx proved it.

FedEx became THE name in overnight delivery back in the ‘70s…they completely disrupted an entire industry with their lightning-fast delivery…

By choosing a slower system.

It doesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s true.

And it’s known as the “HUB” system.

The best way to imagine a hub system is to imagine a bicycle wheel with spokes. Can you see it?

That’s a hub. Every package, regardless of where it comes from, goes to the hub first THEN on to its final destination.

And if you’ve ever had a “stop over” on an airline flight, you know that a hub system SLOWS you down. It’s a lot slower than a direct flight to your destination. Right?

So how does a hub system enable FedEx to deliver faster?

Because a hub system dramatically reduces COMPLEXITY.

Let’s say you have 10 destinations you deliver to. To set up direct flights between all your destinations, requires 45 different routes.

Scribble 10 dots on a piece of paper then connect them all and count the lines. It’s a LOT of lines! Looks like a crazy spider web.

But if you put a hub in the middle of those locations, suddenly you only need 10 routes!

That’s a MASSIVE reduction in complexity! A massive reduction in cost! A massive reduction in errors!

And the cost savings allows FedEx to invest in greater speed in other points of the delivery system.

A hub system = faster delivery.

What on earth does this have to do with your online business success?

Well, making money online is complicated as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now.

And there are tons of “destinations” you can fly to.

It’s easy to waste a lot of time bouncing from…

  • website design to…
  • product creation to…
  • email marketing to…
  • list building to…
  • shipping and customer service to…
  • traffic and lead generation to…
  • sales funnel construction to…
  • and on and on and on. …

Connecting all those dots gives you a massively complicated, time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone “web”.

And a massive headache.

And maybe a profitable online business…maybe not!

But MTTB is the HUB you need to make your online business “delivery system” far less complicated, far less expensive and mistake-proof!

MTTB puts everything you need in one place. And MTTB gives you the proven and guaranteed step-by-step process that you need to get to your destination fast.

Or ten times your money back.

And frees you up to do the things you’d rather be doing with your time!

And, just like FedEx, MTTB has delivered time and time again…paying out over $20,000,000 in commissions in just a few short years!

So, when you’re tired of flying from one destination to another to another to another to another… put the MTTB hub” to work for you!

If you are serious about starting your online business, click the link below and join MTTB.



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