Be Thankful For What You Have

In this blog post I want to make you aware of what you already have reached in your life.

Are you someone who is always thankful of what you have right now? Or are you someone who always thinks about the things that you want to have in future, what you did not reach yet or what went wrong in past?

Don’t forget, you live now, not in the past and also not in the future. What you think today is happening tomorrow (easy expressed). So always watch your thoughts…. are they more positive or negative? Where are you focusing more?

Observe your thoughts in the next days, and when you realize that you have some negative thoughts, be thankful that you have realized this and then try to change your thoughts into positive ones… for example do not think about a problem and what the bad part is about this… try to find a solution and how you can get rid of it… be constructive with your thoughts.

Another problem is that if you are too determined about something this could also be negative. You would then try hard again and again and might become jealous of people who already have reached what you want to…Enviousness is coming up and this is really bad energy and brings you away from your goals….

So what I want you to do right now is grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the good things that already happened in your life and you are thankful for. This can be different things… maybe you have won something, you got a job that you wanted (and did not even expect you’ll get it), or you are doing sports and already won a competition, or any other goal you have already reached….

more examples for your list:

  • you have a roof over your head, nice flat or a house
  • your current job
  • you have a PC and the possibility to make money online
  • trips you have done to cities or other countries
  • that you are healthy
  • your friends and family
  • you have food every day
  • keep going with your points….

Write them down and then see how it feels… are you proud of yourself? Think now you can reach even bigger goals?

Always be thankful about the things you already have. And never concentrate on things that did not work out, goals you have not reached yet… Of course you should also concentrate on your goals you still want to reach, but do not think about the reasons why you did not reach it yet, better concentrate on new ways and possibilities to reach these goals.

For the next 14 days I want you to do this exercise every day. Best is when you get up in the morning. Take your list, go through all the points and be thankful for each of them. You will see that you will change your thinking and mindset.



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