Are You A Victim of the Shiny Object Syndrome?


Are You A Victim of the Shiny Object Syndrome?

Here’s how to find out, and what to do about it so you never struggle again…

Do you know what the “Shiny Object Syndrome” is?

It’s a DISEASE that infects all Internet marketers, affiliate marketers or networkers until they join at least 5 opportunities and never make any money.

I know this first hand, because I was that guy not too long ago… buying product after product and hoping for the “magic” button, finding the system that makes me a ton of money for doing nothing 🙂 Do you know that?

Until I joined the inner circle of my coach and mentor, Shaqir Hussyin, where I learned that focus is one of the most important skills you need in this business.

You need to know as long as you have this syndrome you will NOT become successful! Chasing products and systems to find the holy grail does NOT work. To become successful it always takes focus, dedication and work.

Today, I hope to immunize you from this disease once and for all…

Understand this, and you will be cured:

  • This industry will not save you.
  • Your company will not save you.
  • Your running around endlessly will not save you
    Your comp plan will not save you.
  • There are thousands of companies that “are growing faster than Microsoft!” (Not just yours…)
  • It doesn’t matter if you think you have the greatest product in the world unless you plan on buying $50,000 or more of it per month yourself… (All that matters is what YOUR CUSTOMERS think about it).
  • Some stupid little $19.95 product on JVZoo or Clickbank won’t change your life.
  • 1cent clicks on Facebook for Internet Marketing doesn’t exist. So grow up, get mature about your business. It takes Investing, self-growth, leadership, skills, and mentorship to succeed

If you are struggling to make money…You are being sold by expert marketers (the company leadership), because they know they must truly MOVE your emotions just to get the average Joe to sponsor 2 customers or builders.

Wake up…

This is m-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g, and YOU are the product of your company.

So here’s the deal…

Lose the emotions. Lose the lottery dreams of The Shiny Object Syndrome Thing. This is a BIZ-NESS where only the fittest (and smartest), survive and thrive.

This is about smart marketing, promotion and follow up and having SYSTEMS in place that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Lose the emotion. Get off the roller coaster.

Why? What’s the big benefit?

Simple… It allows you to RELAX and focus on the one thing that WILL make a difference in your success without distraction: YOU! It allows you to make decisions based on the right business reasons like market demand.

Do you even know the market demand for your company’s product? Is there a demand for it or has your company created the illusion or promise of demand to keep you starry eyed?

Here’s my point…

There are no free rides, and any “easy/lucky” rides usually don’t last long. The irony is that anyone who makes money as an entrepreneur treats their business like a JOB.

Now they may give themselves A LOT of perks and have a sweet 10 second commute, but they still work as much, IF NOT MORE, than anyone in the “real world”.

Trust me… The price that must be paid to enjoy these perks is very high. Shaqir lives a life that most people can’t even imagine, those that meet him are in awe of what he does, how he lives and most IMPORTANTLY how he is able to impact and lead others to own their greatness.

On the flip side, the average networker treats this industry like a weekend stint in front of a Vegas craps table, and as usual, always leaves with empty pockets in the end.

And as they pass by the calling neon signs of the another casino promising the next big jack-pot, they latch on to their sales pitch and hitch their dreams to it, only to be a victim of their own refusal to “wake up”, once again.

Use this knowledge to professionalize your business and discipline your work ethic, and you will start to see results quickly.
STOP looking for the NEXT SHINY OBJECT. Stop paying attention to competing ads.

The grass is NOT greener. If you’re not getting the results you want out of your business today, it’s not the company’s fault, it’s yours!

And just heading over to another company isn’t going to change that. You’re still going to face the same problems there.

Until you learn how to do these EXACT 5 steps.

1: Build a subscriber list.
2: Develop a relationship with the people on that list.
3: Market to that list.
4. Create Traffic Systems that scale.
5. Turn your ca$hflow into a repeatable process so it becomes a REAL business.

You will NEVER get the results you want, no matter how many companies you join.

So start to focus only on a few things (techniques or tactis) and you will see a shift. Also work a lot on your mindset, because without the right mindset you can be in the best company or system and will NOT make any dollar….

Do you want to work closer with me, have me as your coach? Then go ahead and fill out this form to get a FREE quick starter strategy session with me! I will show you one of the best converting systems you can use in your online business and how to stay focused on this.

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