Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

work-from-homeResearcher Rieva Lesonsky found out something pretty interesting about working from home.

62% of employees believe their productivity increases when they work from home.

She also ranked all the advantages in order of how often home workers mentioned them.

If you were to take a guess, what would say the top 3 in that list were?

Take a guess.

Here are the top 5 that came up:

(The percentages show how many respondents mentioned that advantage)

5) Less distractions (44%)
4) More productive (45%)
3) Avoid traffic (47%)
2) Save gas (55%)
1) Work/home balance (60%)

Interesting, huh?

Now… Which of those resonates most with you?

Less time spent stuck in traffic…

Less money spent on gas, less distractions, more time at home…

Of course, some people prefer working in an office environment.

And if that’s you, great. But if it’s not…

MTTB (My Top Tier Business) is a 21-step system that teaches you how to start making big commissions from home.

But first let’s see what are the downsides of working from home?

There’s a reason most employees aren’t allowed to work from home.…right?

Rieva Lesonsky also came up with a list of disadvantages to working from home:

  • Lack of face-to-face interaction
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Perception that remote workers do less than in-office workers
  • Technology breakdowns
  • Lack of accountability

These were the top perceived disadvantages, named by both employers and employees.

So how do these disadvantages affect users of MTTB? Do they pose serious challenges?

Let’s start from the top.

Lack of face-to-face interaction. Through MTTB, you learn to use IM (internet marketing) to drive traffic to an already-in-place, high-conversion sales funnel. This kind of work doesn’t require face-to-face interaction to be effective. The beauty of IM.

Communication. Since you’re running your own business, the kind of communication you’ll be doing will be very different from the communication in corporate work. A laptop and a phone will do just fine.

Less productive. Well, the opportunity to work from home can be leveraged to make you more productive.

Technology breakdowns. Take your laptop to the Mac/PC store and then start working again.

Lack of accountability. You’re paired with a personal coach when you join MTTB. This experienced coach will provide you with accountability if that’s what you want.

…It’s almost as if MTTB has been specifically designed to help you smash through the challenges you’ll face working from home…

But maybe you’re still uneasy about the idea of working from home.

It is very different from the office.

Just remember that the system and structure of MTTB has been designed to help you meet the challenge and enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Benefits which, it seems to me, far outweigh the disadvantages.

Agree? If you want, you could even experience those benefits.

And if we’re to believe Lesonsky … the freedom to work from home is what helps people succeed with MTTB.

That… plus the price and the promise of MTTB:

$49 to sign up. And 10 times your money back if you don’t make a big commission within 30 days.

So, want to start working towards better work/home balance? Avoid traffic and save on gas?

You can. But as with all major changes, you’ll have to make a decision.

If you’re ready…click the button below to get started…


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