Hi and welcome to my Blog. My name is Fabian Anliker and I live in beautiful Switzerland.

I have been involved in internet marketing already for a few years. As lots of others I have tried many of those push-button products that promise to become rich over night. And as you can guess, it does not work! For some time I have been buying every “shiny object” that was out there. And you know what? Some of them I did not even read or try out!

In the meantime I have seen lots of different programs, products and systems out there, and know which ones are working or not…

The best advice I can give you here right now is to FOCUS only on a few things and always TAKING ACTION. If you don’t take action and do what you learned you will never make a dime!

But I also made a commitment to myself to learn from the best people in this industry, study them and model them. Because it was always my goal to become successful online and be able to travel the world where and when I wanted…

So that’s why I follow some big guys in the internet marketing space, do what they do and model them.

Never stop to invest in yourself, this money is always well invested! I also like to learn with videos, something like “look over my shoulder” videos that show you how to do stuff. That’s why I recently got used to create my own videos about different topics in the internet marketing niche and will post them on my blog. You will find a mixture of written blog posts and some with videos that teach you technical things or other experiences I made during my time online…. You can also visit my YouTube Channel to watch all the videos I have there: https://www.youtube.com/user/fabiananliker

I also realized that attending life events has a big impact on success. Being surrounded with like minded people where you can talk about online business has a big advantage, and you can also connect with a lot of important people. Below you can see some pictures of me together with some big marketers:

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Hope you enjoy reading my blog posts, and don’t hesitate to comment my posts and add your own value to it.