A Little Trick That Doubles Your Creative Speed

rearrange_03A couple years ago, I learned a little truth.

And it’s changed the way I do just about everything. In big ways.

It’s helped me double my writing speed. And create things much faster.

Dead serious. Here’s the truth:

We’re far better at fixing than we are at creating.

Let me explain…

Ever try writing something? And then, when you’re writing, you hit the dreaded, invisible wall. And you find yourself staring at a blank page, and the words just AREN’T coming…

Happens to me all the time. Not just with writing. With anything creative: brainstorming, problem solving, website creation.

So what do you do in those situations?

If you’re like most people, you don’t do much. You get stuck.

But there’s good news: there’s a way to get ‘unstuck.’ Every time.

Recent neuroscientific research in shows that our brains are much better at rearranging things than they are at creating new ideas.

Which is very interesting. And also very useful.

Turns out, you can leverage this fact to boost your creative power big time.


Treat creation like it’s a two-step process. Not a one-step process.

Most of us treat creation like it’s a one step process. Take an example: writing a good email. Our usual approach is this:

(1) Create excellent email.

However, if we turn it into a two step process, we can really increase our speed:

(1) Create crappy email.
(2) Make crappy email excellent email.

Make sense?

When we give ourselves permission to write crap… we can write fast. And that’s exactly what we should do. Figure out the gist of what we’re going to say. And then write it fast. And sloppily. And crappily. But fast.

The reason why we hit the dreaded, invisible wall when we write (or do anything creative) is because we get stuck trying to think up a good word, a good sentence, a good idea.

But it’s all a lie. Don’t do that. Stop looking for good words. Just write crap, until you finish your email. THEN come back and make things pretty. It makes things much faster. It streamlines the process.

And you can apply that trick to just about anything creative.

It’s just how our brains work.

So whatever you have in your mind and wanted to do, but thought it’s not good enough yet, screw it! You have to get going, launch your product, publish your website, start your online business… whatever you want to do… DO IT, START IT, no matter if it’s perfect or even ready yet… but do it, and then in a second step you make it better, nicer, faster, whatever needed…

The point is, start to do something asap, go live with it and then improve in a second step…

Hope that helps and motivates you to move your ass right now 🙂


Let me know in the comments section what you are struggling right now, or what you just decided right now to start with…


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