9-Video Course – The LeadPages Guide to Email List Nurturing

Free Email CourseToday I want to give you something.

Something that can help your business grow significantly this year.

LeadPages just released their fourth course by their Marketing Educator, Bob Jenkins. This new phenomenal course on Email List Nurturing shows you how to set up an entire email marketing plan for your business—whether you’re brand new to email marketing, or you’ve been list building for a while (but with lackluster results).

Email is still one of the best ways to reach your potential customers — through their inboxes.

The only thing you have to give in return for all of this incredibly useful information is about two hours of your time.

Yes, in two hours, you can watch this entire 9-video course, created by Bob Jenkins, LeadPages’ Marketing Educator, and be well on the way to growing a much stronger, much more effective email list, and boosting your sales.

Because Bob isn’t just showing you how to get people on your list. He’s also showing you how to turn those subscribers into loyal, paying customers.

And the best part?

This 9-part course, which most companies would charge hundreds, if not thousands for, is available to you at no cost.

That’s right. LeadPages is letting me give away this entire 9-video course. You don’t even need to opt in, you can watch all 9 videos right here on the course page.

When you delve into this 9-part course, Bob will show you:

  • List Building 101: Everything from the very basics of email list building to more advanced techniques, such as how to lower unsubscribes and refunds. (Hint: one of these techniques reveals how many subscribers you may be losing because of poor list follow-up, and how you can fix that issue as early as this week.)

  • Which Type of Email to Use When: Bob covers the different types of emails, including autoresponders vs. broadcast emails, as well as the five emails you need to start converting your subscribers into customers.

  • Advice from The Experts: Bob interviews Chris Davis, Head of Marketing Automation at LeadPages, and Kyle Hale, Vice President of Sales at LeadPages, on what’s working right now in both marketing automation and one-on-one sales, and reveals how you can apply these techniques to your business.


If you decide to download the course, along with the videos, you’ll also get MP3s, transcripts, a mind-map and more. Go here to check out the course.

Great value like this isn’t given away very often—so I highly encourage you to take advantage of this course.

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