7 Things To Increase Your Conversions

Do These 7 Things To Increase Your Conversions

My mentor Shaqir Hussyin has always built his MOBE home biz with solos & attending events. The secret to making this work is having relentless followup, there’s a reason why he emails his list EVERY SINGLE DAY.

He provides entertainment, value, personality, stories and he keeps e-mailing.

You don’t just buy solo ads and make money, that’s a really short term way of looking at your business – look at it that it’s your JOB to convert the leads into sales.

Here’s 7 ways you can increase conversions with MOBE (or any other business) & leverage events to create marketing assets….

1. Interview other people from the MOBE community that are getting results. Easiest way to do this is to get to live events.

2. Optimize your followup sequence, add success stories of others in there – you can take these from the sales letter, take pics and videos from the event and add them into your followups.

3. Create a killer bonus package – one that includes personal time with you,
leverage the fact you just went to this event and you learned XYZ things.

4. Start making videos of yourself either face to camera or keynote videos sharing some value – this helps position you as the expert, events are an amazing location you can do this.

5. Add a 30-90 day sequence of your emails or commit to just mailing your list every day. That’s what Shaqir does. EVERY SINGLE DAY, study from marketers that are at the top of the field. Events are the place where you can learn from them 1:1.

6. Work with 1-3 people to get them results inside of your team and then SHOWCASE them to your subscribers. Find others in events who are getting these results and make videos with them to leverage their credibility.


Get to events. Get to events. Get to events. Get to events.
Make videos & take pics with Top Earners and then integrate that into your marketing.

Do all 7 steps and you are guaranteed to increase your conversions.

People buy you first, then they join your company!

People are buying a feeling first, then what you are selling second.


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