7 Reasons To Promote Elite Elevation Group

The Elite Elevation Group was founded by 2 top internet marketers, Ace Reddy and Ares Navarro.

The word “Elite” means the best of anything, and the word “Elevate” means to raise to a higher place or position; lift up.  These are two critical elements to the Elite Elevation Groups mission.  They are dedicated to elevating as many people as possible through their group, world class training, industry leading products, support, and affiliate partnership opportunity.  They understand the desire for entrepreneurs to experience freedom by building online businesses so they can have great personal lives at the same time. Elite Elevation Group believes that it’s possible for people to use their struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most ELEVATING assets.’

People who have struggled for years in the digital marketing business are having great success with the help of the Elite Affiliate Groups training, community, systems, and business opportunity.  Individuals that wanted a simple, yet honest marketing system and quality training programs are having breakthrough results with the Elite Elevation Group’s products.  Above all, Elite Elevation Group’s members are finding their purpose in their online business’s and lives by interacting with the Elite Elevation Group community and leadership.

So here are the 7 reasons why you should start to promote the Elite Elevation Group:

1. This isn’t a “pyramid scheme”

They have attached an affiliate program to the products that were already selling and they have no upline/downline system – you get to keep each and every dollar of your commissions without having to pass it up to your sponsors!

2. No need to spoon feed your team

We get it, you’ve been in companies where you had to spoon feed the people that brought through your link and help them more than the company did, the E.E.G system is very powerful yet simple to use and the training is going to show average noobs how to crush it too!

3. Eat what you catch system

In EEG, you won’t be passing up your sales so every fish you catch can be fried and eaten by you! I listened to this Tony Robbins audio the other day and Tony said – people would rather not lose $20 today than make $40 tomorrow (fear of loss) and a lot of MLM companies pull commissions away from people (which EEG doesn’t do) – you finally get to keep 100% of everything you make!

4. Great Product Line that sells as a product too rather than just the opportunity

For a long time the products that you’ll be promoting as an affiliate of EEG have been sold as a product on itself and not the Opportunity. We have millionaires and Multi Millionaires showing people exactly how to do things like build E-com stores, Do S.E.O., Run Paid Advertising, etc.

5. High Ticket Commissions

Aren’t you tired of getting paid $50-$100/customer?

Don’t you want to get paid a solid $12k commission per sale?

Now you can!

We offer a high ticket commission model where you can get paid $80, $1200, $4k, $10k or even $12k per sale!

6. A Business Model that you can use to make money WITHOUT BEGGING FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO JOIN

Our funnels convert on paid traffic too and we’ll show you how to run it as well.

Soooo…..goodbye to traditional network marketing!

7. There’s never going to be saturation

They are expanding their empire rapidly at the moment and you can now get in the launch team and literally bank 10x the amount of money since your competitors are all busy marketing sleazy programs.

Plus they are not just in the “opportunity market” – they are going to be rapidly selling the products too!

Now’s your time to get started!

Watch this presentation of how you can quit your job in the next 90 days promoting the Elite Elevation Group and learn how you can get a 14 day FREE trial for the basic membership.

Want more information about the Elite Elevation Group and want to join as affiliate as well?

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