5 Steps To Mastering Mental Money Alchemy…

Here are 5 mental money blocks that most people suffer from.

My coach and mentor Shaqir Hussyin has learned this after teaching 10’s of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world…

Do you have these thoughts ?….

“Money is evil.”

“Money will attract problems.”

“Money will make me a selfish person.”

“Wanting money is greedy.”

“Rich people are snobs.”

If you have one or more of those limiting beliefs within you, do you really think you’ll attract any money?

In truth, you’ll attract NOT having money.


Because your unconscious counter-intention (“Money is bad”) will veto your conscious intention (“I now attract more money into my life”).

Let’s start shifting these thoughts from your head so you can get more money flowing into your life….


  1. “Making money is too hard.

No – the world is full of money to the value creators.

It’s easy, once you have a high converting system like this and predictable sources of ongoing prospects banging your website down begging to give you money!


  1. “Fear of Success – I’m not sure how to behave around my friends once i become successful.”

No – you will create new friends 🙂
….broke friends be gone.

I have rich friends now, very few – but they are rich internally and externally. You surround yourself with better people who will always lift you up!


  1. “Fear of Failure – I’ll look dumb and stupid again if i fail again.

I get it, this happens a lot, even friends and family would laugh at people at what they are trying to to…. don’t let this stop you!

Remember – you are still the winner for trying, don’t beat yourself down.

Start with this system….


  1. “I’m Alone – no one understands me.

Nope, I’ve got you covered, Shaqirs (my coch) events will be all over the world and there was amazing feedback from his Sold-Out Traffic Millionaires Summit…

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  1. I Feel Lost – well, that’s true if you don’t have 1:1 support.

Most people get stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to do too much.

Register on here, and you’ll have your own personal 1:1 Coach that will work with you, heck if this doesn’t work out for you, let me know and the owner will send you $500 for wasting your time.

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