5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting and Growing an Online Business

OK, here are the 5 biggest mistakes that people make when they start and/or grow an online business:

1. Don’t have the right mentor.

Just like learning how to drive a car, a driving instructor is needed to ensure the student is on the right track. It’s the same for running or growing a profitable online business. “The fastest way to become successful in any business endeavor is to follow the lead of those leaders already achieving the results you desire.”

In MOBE you will have access to a 6-figure coach who answers all your questions.


2. Don’t follow the right system.

Not having a system is essentially guesswork and the reason so many fail in this industry. System stands for “saving yourself time, energy, and money”. A system helps people discover the fast track to success, and the quickest way to profits and to avoid wasting a lot of extra time, energy and effort.

With MOBE you get a proven system to high ticket commissions


3. Don’t join the right community.

When people are getting started online, and they know it’s real and possible to grow a profitable internet business to earn passive income. Their excitement often leads them to tell others about it. Unfortunately, others do not always support or believe in them. They don’t believe it’s even possible. A community is the glue that provides support and empowers those that are part of the family. Their role is to support and embrace the journey of an entrepreneur.

MOBE has several Facebook groups where you can ask your questions and connect with like minded people that will help you.


4. Don’t have website design or technical skills.

It takes technical and design skills to build a money-making online business, something many lack. By joining the team, members get ‘done for you’ turnkey websites and ready-made ‘plug & play’ traffic sources to help members succeed faster.

Within MOBE you get also done-for-you sites you can use, but of course you can create your own (which is recommended, but as a new starter you can use the done-for-you opportunity to quickly start)


5. Don’t have a high converting sales funnel.

It’s vital to have a high converting sales machine that helps and guides anyone to build an income fast by leveraging a powerful community, proven mentor, with a time tested system with in-demand products that do all the selling. By starting with a strong sales funnel new members do not have to learn how to sell and go through a long learning curve.

MOBE has a great sales funnel, starting with different low cost products to start, then having upsells to earn bigger commissions and then having the high ticket products in the backend (where a professional phone sales team closes the sales FOR YOU)

Watch the video where I talk about these 5 mistakes….

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