4 Tips To Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There’s a famous saying; life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and it is 100% accurate. However, doing so requires action on your behalf to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Understanding that as humans we subconsciously avoid anything that has the potential to bring us pain.

But your mind may not know that where there is a risk, there is also a reward.

Having said that, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of how the subconscious and conscious mind operates. Because there is a good chance that your apprehension to step out of your comfort zone is due to said to you or past negative events. Your mind is a database that just stores information. It stores everything, both good and bad events. Regardless if it was something that was told to you or happened to you.

Perhaps you have a fear of failure or making a mistake. Maybe this is programming from your upbringing that’s holding you back from taking a leap of faith.  Because, our mind seeks to protect us by relying on data that’s in there with what’s in our subconscious.

In this article, you will learn 4 tips to stepping out of your comfort zone. Because outside of your comfort zone is where you will experience greater freedom and success. At the Elite Elevation Group, we want to help you step into your greatness and experience all that life has to offer you.


Before you can step out of your comfort zone you need to self-evaluate. Look at it from the point of mental housekeeping. Find yourself a quiet place and with your thoughts. Think of keywords that are centered around money, wealth, and finances. Next, think about events that have brought you fear, doubt, and past failure. Have a notepad handy and write them down, and write a positive affirmation to each.

Example: for money, maybe you were told money doesn’t grow on trees. Your affirmation may be, I am a money magnet and money flows to me daily. Simply go through the list and create a positive affirmation for each.

Perhaps you have an issue with doubt. Create an affirmation that says, I am the author and creator of my success. I chose doubt because doubt kills more dreams than failure does. Be sure to self-evaluate, and self-correct with positive affirmations.


What we are taught as children about failure is incorrect. Successful entrepreneurs understand that failure is a part of success. Especially if you fail fast. By failing fast you quickly identify what does not work and are able to move towards what does work. Success is merely a process of elimination. Make the commitment to change the way you view failure, and if you feel like you’ve failed miserably forgive yourself.

Understanding that your job as an entrepreneur is to quickly identify what works and scale up. This is learned through the process of elimination. So cut yourself some slack and give yourself permission to fail. Be sure to go through the process quickly!


Now that you are mentally prepared you need to set your targets. Identify exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. Maybe you have the desire to earn 10,000 per month in your online business, and to meet that goal it will require you to make an investment to hit that goal. Prior to your self-evaluation and addressing failure you were uncomfortable. However, setting your targets is where you begin to move towards your success.

Once you set your target it is important for you to not move them. If you are not hitting your targets don’t adjust the target, but adjust your effort and your processes.


Moving towards your goals is where you are now outside of your comfort zone. Taking the necessary steps to attain the 10,000 per month in your online business. You’ve invested or upgraded or done whatever it takes to hit the mark. Now you just have to execute the strategy to accomplish your goals. This is done every single day, with consistency and persistence. Having the understanding that if something doesn’t work you will move on to something that does with speed!


In my experience as an entrepreneur there’s something special and empowering that happens when I step out of my comfort zone. That is where you will discover your success and freedom. Because it is the only place that you are stretched beyond what you previously thought was possible. Pay close attention to your targets. Because what I’ve learned is that when I meet my goals I could have actually gone further.

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To your success!

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