13 Lessons Learnt Whilst Building 3 Million Dollar Businesses

As you know in the meantime I like to mention the success and achievement of my coach and mentor, Shaqir Hussyin. At the age of 25 he has built 3 businesses that made him over 1 million dollars in commissions! During building all the businesses there were some lessons that he learnt, and I want to introduce you to these 13 lessons right now!

So let’s dive in directly and see what you can learn from him…  Below you will find all his lessons in his own words:

As a word of caution: this is not some professional advice or whatever, this is just stuff that’s worked for Shaqir. Results will vary.

Lesson 1 : It’s A Hustler’s Game

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Only the strong survive. You are where you are as a result of your best thinking, change your thinking and your life will change. You do have to be taking action. Consistent action.

This shit ain’t easy, this whole thing of being an entrepreneur, working for yourself, working from anywhere, the hustle never stops, yes – you’re trying to make money online, building a business, even the stuff I sell is not always easy for everyone. But others sky-rocket to success seemingly overnight.

Personally, I struggled for my first 9 months in this industry and then went on to make six figures, then multi six figures, then seven figures, then multiple seven figures in like less than 4 years, not everyone can do that, so the best thing to do is to be your best self and only focus on beating yourself and being your best-self…

Comparing yourself to others and putting others on a pedestal is a loser’s game, so stop doing it if you are….

Everyone is on a journey – you are on a journey too, embrace that journey…

If you know you have that entrepreneurial bug, count it as a blessing that’ll buy you your freedom from the shackles of a dead-end job, or some 9-5 cubicle life.

I believe I’ve had a little unfair advantage because of where I grew up from, hustling was part of my life as far as I can remember, when I was 14-15 I was selling phones in Sunday Market (Brick Lane, London). When I was 17 I was importing stuff from China to sell, when my friends were getting jobs, I was getting money from Ebay.

I would knock on my neighbours doors and tell them I am on my way to becoming a “Ebay Powerseller” and if they had shit in their garage, I would sell it for them for a commission.

From the beginning, I had entrepreneurship in my blood, I was more interested in getting money than playing sports or doing what normal kids would be doing, getting a job, getting a degree and working for 30 years for a pension.

Nah, no thanks. Scratch that.

When I was 19 i took all the money I had and went to Bulgaria to set up a property company. I had a grand plan that was going to make me millions and I’d retire before I was 21. It failed.

When I was 20 I thought I’d be smart to work for my dads construction company, steal his employees and start my own. After the first project of laminating someone’s floor I made £90 / $140 and thought this is the way.

That fell short, as I got caught the next day from my dad and his friends. That plan failed too. So I left.

As far as I can remember I hustled, a lot of it was down to seeing how my father hustled, worked in factories and creating wealth coming from a poor country and then settling in London and working his way up in the factory in Hackney, then in the property game.

This inspired me at a young age to want more, be more, do more, I’d see my mum on her second hand machine make skirts for 50 pence each.

Both my parents hustled, I hustled on the streets, I guess I became street smart and savvy from there and then built up on it.

I was very blessed to hang with my father’s friends when I was growing up, they were all broke Bangladeshi guys that came to the UK with nothing and in less than 10 years had kinda built themselves up.

It was much more interesting, intriguing and valuable than my days on the streets with the kids I grew up with. You gotta hustle like you are short of time, money, resources, by just getting shit done.

One “hack” that I use on myself – is creating a sense of urgency and building up in my mind the worst thing that can happen if I don’t get this shit done.

The more intensity you can have within yourself, your business that pressure drives you to either experience a level of friction or fulfilment, either way it adds fuel to the hustling power.

Back to persistence, your level of persistence when shit doesn’t work out will determine how far you go, there is really no way you can accept failure and quit, I have failed 10x more than I have succeeded, I guess it’s not sexy to tell people how many times you fail. However I’ll tell you now each and every successful entrepreneur I have met has failed more times than they have won, they’ve lost more money than they usually make…

Hustling has to be part of your life, I was very blessed and still am to be surrounded by people who have believed in me, which has also increased me believing in myself more. One time I was speaking to a friend / mentor of mine Peter Nguyen (he’s a big deal) and I remember just hearing him complimenting on my hustle and I could sense in himself that he believes in what I’m doing. (At that time, I had not even met him in person!)

Having the right people around you re-enforces, re-invigorates, re-emphasises that you are doing the right thing, at the right time.

Attaining success is not always easy, especially when you are new and starting out, it requires a lot of dedication, focus, attention and you must be a person that is focused on self growth. I work TWICE as harder on myself, on my mind than I do on my business.

Mindset to approaching things is more important than just how you do it, mindset leads to having a strategic mindset where you can harness your unique ability to create maximum results.

Success is a tricky, counter-intuitive trickster and sadly most people will never get it, well you may do, because you are reading my damn post.

Lucky you, after you make your first million – donate to my favourite charity.

When I was a newbie kid (21yrs age) and accidentally stumbled across and started in this industry I had more setbacks than most people. I had dropped outta university in my final year, had friends and family laughing at the fact that I wanted to get rich on the Internet.

I immediately got into around $40,000 worth of debt as I bought into a $20k network marketing program and then went on a rampage of buying every-and-any-damn course on Internet marketing.

You’ll excel faster than anyone else if you invest in yourself, get the right coaching, mentoring, and guidance from people who you want to be like.

Increase your skill development and become more attractive in the marketplace, have persistence, be networking with the top level players in your niche, study sales, marketing, influence and persuasion.

As an entrepreneur you also need to be immune to criticism and have a high pain tolerance.

Your level of pain threshold will determine your success because it means you won’t be giving up when things get tough, and oh boy – they will.

Your first 6 figures will be tough. Your first 7 figures will be tough. Your first 8 figures will be tough <— where I’m heading for now, but I have a strong fist and I’m punching and fighting my way there.

Some of my challenges I face are just so damn ridiculous, and I know most average people would not even be able to comprehend it, but I have a compelling “Why” and a vision that gets me through the tough times. Be sure to have your own compelling future that will drive you forward even when you think all is not working out.

Build these traits within yourself as an entrepreneur, create big goals, stick to your deadlines, and be held accountable.

Oh, and maybe the most important thing I can tell you, is stay detached to the end outcome, don’t let your happiness be dependent on other people or how big your bank account gets, if I had nothing in this world, just my basic shelter I know I’ll be a happy camper.

Everything is an addition to my happiness, my happiness comes from within, comes from prayer, being in a state of gratitude, adding value to other people’s lives.

Develop winning habits, start early, it’s never too late. Find the habits that serve you and find role models who you can model off, and then develop the habits that are required, daily discipline is crucial for your success.

This is an unstoppable formula for success.

I’m assuming you are on the path to success – whatever that means for you, I have one advice amongst many.


The rewards are so damn great. Have fun, don’t take it too seriously. Now Get on with your hustle.

Lesson 2 : Money Isn’t Everything

Money doesn’t make your life perfect. What an awakening…

Does such a thing exist, sometimes when I do live events and people come up to me, instantly they put me on a pedestal as if I’m some perfect guy, one guy even told me I’m like a God to him. * I wanted to strangle him *

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. never put people on a pedestal.

Don’t idolise people. Because they are just people.

Just because people have some things better than you, it doesn’t mean they are supposed to be put on something out of this world, they are still in this world, and it’s possible for you too. When I meet immensely successful people then I just know if I want what they have, I just gotta learn and model off them.

I’ve realised that this whole thing is just a journey, your journey, my journey, everyone is on a journey, I respect everyone, not just a millionaire or a billionaire but the guy who got pitched by his uncle to join Amway, or some other MLM and is trying to recruit his friends and family. I applaud you for having the guts to step into the fierce world of entrepreneurship.

Anyway back to my point, I am still human, I still go through challenges, relationship trouble, employee headaches,
procrastination periods, anxiety, worry, troubles on what I’m i doing, how I’m I doing it, all that stuff.

You are always going to be a human, which means you will always have some shit not work out, for me the last
6 months was my relationship, now that’s cleared, now I’m working on my health, and my business and my vision.

That’s what life is.

Dealing with, scratch that – FIGHTING the challenges, hahahah!

My life is not dictated by how much money I make or the desire to just have numbers, it’s the experiences, the freedom, the ability to give back. I want to start building schools to support orphans, I do some stuff like that, but it’s not enough I want to give more back.

You can’t help the poor if you are one of them. This piece of false wisdom has been stuck with me for a long time.

So long as I am learning, growing, & evolving, adding value to others along this “temporary” Journey called life… I know I’m exactly where I need to be.

Money is just one component of one’s life and yes, it’s important – but not the most important, well that’s debatable according to your own hierarchy of values.

Lesson 3 : Motion Creates Momentum. Momentum Gets You Results

Focus on gaining momentum, yes – there are programs, systems that can help you get results within 30-90 days, but sometimes it will take you longer, so bloody stick with it.

Success is not something you just wake up and get, it’s something you need to work your ass off for, it’s something 90% of the population don’t do and that’s why they suffer from financial obligations and are usually broke and short of money, that leads to a fear-based, scarcity minded existence.

I give myself 30-90 days for any business to gain momentum, but remember I have spent more money on my own education to master what I do than the average person will probably earn in a lifetime.

This is one of the biggest killers of success and I am guilty of it too, now I just don’t do anything else if I can’t commit 90+ days to it.

Pick one thing, and stick with it until you see results. As you see results, momentum builds and the results grow.

Lesson 4 : The Art Of Keeping Money & My Ridiculous “I Deserve A Slap” $30,000 Per Month Spending Habit

It’s not all dandy-candy, Once you get the puzzles nailed down; you’ll start making lots of money after you get momentum. Yes, more money than you ever made before.

More money than all your family, friends, cousins, relatives put together – once you do that, or should I say before you do that, you must ALWAYS know this….

Always know the difference between Gross, Net and how much you can re-invest. My costs have sometimes gone as high as $200,000 a month.

It’s scary, at first it is – then you get used to it – and the only thing that matters is keeping that money.

I’m learning a lot about this now.

There’s an art of Getting Money and more importantly KEEPING IT. When you feel like you are on fire, and money is just constantly pouring in it’s easy to get out of control. Making more millions than ever before, i thought i could just sit on my ass for 6 months, complacency kills.

Laziness and complacency – the two dirty sabotages of success.

I thought I’d never get lazy, and I did and it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

How ignorant of me. *SLAPS MYSELF*

And it fucking hurt, yes it did – I felt sick to my stomach, I had felt robbed not because I spent a lot, but other factors that were at play….

Luckily I have a mind that I can process certain things very fast, like setbacks and challenges, and within a day, I was over it. Gratitude opens the heart and prayer relives anxiety and worry for me.

So that’s what I do more of to keep me grounded. If you aren’t spiritual – find something external that’ll help ya.

I had just found out recently I was spending $30,000 per month / £20,000 per month on stuff, things I have nothing to show for, fancy dinners, toys, and I don’t even see myself as someone who is materialistic, go figure…

I have no idea why I was spending that, or how it accumulated so far, after 6 months of ridiculous over spending, after doing accounts again – I woke up. No more.

I don’t like budgeting as it kinda defies the point of why I’m in business, but I see the power, value and intelligence behind it and so now things are changing

It adds up and can be detrimental to ones success, I remember when I was first a newbie and I had made my first six figures – the first two years all the money I had made,I had blown it.

Fancy £400 dinners, fake-friends, partying, wasting endless time, and hanging out with the wrong people.

It left me with – £286 (Minus) in my Barclays Bank account. That sucked.

I remember thinking though – I’ll make this back and more, because…


The following year I did like a million bucks in sales.

All in all, I’m still learning about keeping money, investing etc. It’s a new growth, learning curve.

Lesson 5 : Build A Team Of A-Players & Get Yourself An Accountant

That reminds me, on the topic of getting money, hire competent people who can manage your numbers, you must always be looking at your numbers, every day – multiple times a day, understand resource allocation.

Hiring and building a team gives you freedom, but also a lot of damn headache, stress, worry, problems if they aren’t the right person and if you aren’t the right type of person to manage them.

Ultimately delegation has been one of my biggest secrets to success, on a typical day I would spend 30-90 mins e-mailing my list, yes I e-mail everyday.

Each email is worth around $10,000 to me, so I spend time crafting that e-mail. I can’t delegate this, nor do I want to – I have influence over these subscribers and clients and I respect them too much to ever outsource this task.

Pretty much, everything else is delegated, I don’t pay my own bills, open my letters, structure my live events, book my flights or hotels etc.

Well, it was like that for the last 4 years – now I’m systemizing everything more so that less people are involved and even more is delegated.

Focus on running a lean, mean profit machine. Cut the fat off and focus on high leverage tasks, clients, processes, systems, people, marketing and your target market.

I do gotta add that you must also be on the good side of the law ;-)

My buddy Kelly Felix (The Rich Jerk Guy) shared some ugly stories and so I went and hired a solid-accountant to help you manage your taxes, costs, and invoices.

That shit scared me.

These things are MUST DO – you’ll start growing really fast and the next thing you know, you gotta deal with employee payroll and shit, it can get messy.

I’ve lost a lot of money in the process of this, and it hasn’t been pretty. I’ve made some embarrassing, yet very embracing mistakes. You live and learn.

But I’m alive, I have the ability to smile, pray, read, talk, move, breathe – and really everyday above ground is success for me, that alone makes me the richest person.

Lesson 6 : Create A Personality That’ll Give You Power, Respect, Influence, Income & Security

More and more I’m seeing that the Internet Marketing, business industry is being more personal with all this social media stuff, you now have the power to create your own tribe (more on that a bit later).

Use your personality to increase online conversions, to attract like minded people, to grow your own tribe and cultivate them, help them succeed.

Develop yourself into a friendly, trustworthy expert and advisor in your marketplace.

Add some personality – learn how to tell stories, if you aren’t funny, then learn how to be funny, if you have crooked teeth, then get your teeth fixed, if you are boring, learn how to be interesting and be INTERESTED in others.

These are all pieces of advice I either paid to learn, or learned via implementing day-to-day.

I see people jump in and jump out of the industry, well I used to when I paid attention to other people, lol, now I really don’t much. My attention is protected so I stay focused on who I want / need to serve.

Being a personality online is something I learned from Dan Kennedy many years ago.

Present with people is magical, whether its online or offline, practice being PRESENT and in the moment which means – get off the damn Facebook and social media and get practising being present, the best relationships that i have built and continue building is because I am always being a TED rather than a THING (thanks to Jesse Elder for teaching this piece of wisdom to me!)

Focus on being interesTED in others, than just trying to be interesTING and give your attention, presence and energy to others when you communicate, it’s hard, but very worth it, especially if you have a big ego. Just FYI :-)

So when you practise being in the moment with your prospects, clients and students, you experience a deeper level of empathy that they can really appreciate. Business grows really fast once you get this.

Lesson 7 : Pigs Don’t Know They Stink & Pigs Don’t Fly Either..

Surround yourself with people you want to be like. This is probably the most valuable piece of advice I ever got, you become the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

This is the fastest way to start getting the results you want, right now I have a circle of 7-8-9 figure friends that are doing pretty well for themselves.

I want a business like theirs – so I surround myself with them.

When you feel like you are hitting a roadblock, hire a mentor, a coach, a consultant, I’ve been doing this shit for so many years, it blows my mind – that most people don’t do it.

This is one of my biggest secrets. I just pay for things I want to learn. I drop my ego, my pride, my disempowering stories of “I already know that” – well if you did, then why aren’t you where you want to be.

You’ll always be learning, so I embraced this a long time ago. Instead of going through courses and programs and training (which i still do btw) I find owners and masters of topics I want to learn and do “Mini Brain Exchanges”.

I have various mentors – that I can reach out to any time I want, some of my business mentors include Mike Dillard, Robert Hirsch, David Wood, Matt Lloyd, T.J Roheleder, all these guys have built $30million – $150 million+ companies and I am always one call, one e-mail, one text, one webinar, one Skype message, one Facebook message away from them.

Proximity is power and for you to have that power, you gotta get in the right circles.

Recently I hired a guy who used to work for two of the biggest internet marketing gurus as my coach, he’s a high level, cool-headed, uber smart guy that I can just VOXER anytime – I want.

If you’ve been following my stuff for any time – you know 6 months ago I broke up with my ex.

Yes, it was my first heartbreak, I can smile about it now – but at the time it was a fucked up, horrible experience, and one day spending time in solidarity I began asking myself…

Why on earth am I feeling this ?

Why does it hurt so much ?

Why did this happen to me ?

I’m the only person in the world who experienced a heartbreak like this?
(I can smile now, but that shit was not funny at the time!)

What do others do when they are here in this situation?

How did I become successful online ?

Hmmmm….. Tony Robbins talks about the quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself and since I’m a Tony Robbins die-hard fan boy student who buys everything Tony sells..

I do implement his teachings.

So these questions drove me to many answers – but one which stuck out like a sore thumb.


Read that again, seriously.

I went on google and typed in “how to get over heartbreak”.

Instantly I was overwhelmed, sitting in this beautiful hotel room at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada – I was buying books, reading these reports, watching videos on Youtube, getting mixed advice…


I went back on google and typed in: Worlds best dating / relationship coaches.

I simply started contacting people who were coaches, maybe I hired a few too many.

One was simply amazing, Annie Lalla – she’s the wife of Eben Pagan and I reached out to her for coaching and I got a few sessions from someone who has been helping others in relationships for nearly 2 decades.

Yes, I fast-tracked my way into healing myself once I understood that this was a new experience and I simply didn’t have the skills, the competence or the confidence yet to overcome this challenge.

The relationship was one of the most-growth inducing experiences of my life, it led a new path to my greatness and taught me more about loving myself deeply.

Helped me see myself in a different light, the amount of growth, learning and experience that I have discovered within myself and in others now is absolutely priceless. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for her.

If you are stuck, go through your challenges in a relationship – start loving yourself more and being the best YOU and then pray and keep praying, and forgive and let go and that is what I kept doing and I’m still doing now…

Really – anything and everything can be boiled down to those three things when you feel stuck and are not getting to where you want to go to.

Ask yourself – do I have the skills yet to overcome this? Because the skills is what leads you to having competence in that area to make it happen, then by doing this a lot more it increases your confidence. (Thanks to Brendan Burchard for teaching me this!)

Lesson 8 : Being Alone Made Me Rich

Spend time alone. Spend time in solitude allows you to reboot/restart your brain and unwind. This refreshes, and energizes you again on your perspective on life.

I spend A LOT of time alone, and I don’t find many people who do that. And when I’m alone I would often walk up to random strangers, usually elderly people and talk to them, give them attention and seek wisdom and life lessons they can share with me.

Constantly being “on” and being reactive to others doesn’t give your mind and brain a chance to rest and replenish and nourish itself.

Being alone with yourself with no distractions gives you the chance to clear your mind, focus, and think and do more clearly, effectively and more efficiently.

Travelling alone, spending time alone is a beautiful thing very few people understand. I know because a lot of people will always tell me – why do you travel alone?

Spending time alone, with a notepad- journal – offline, without the internet and in “Real Life”, walk around, spend time with nature and nourish yourself, love yourself, this is where breakthroughs, and clarity of thinking is derived from, at least for me anyway.

Pray. (if that’s your thing!)

I go to a Mosque as much as I can, sometimes because of my travelling I can’t, but I’ll take a prayer mat and pray – in my hotel room.

When I go through challenges, frustrations and problems in life – I do seek coaching, guidance and wisdom from others, yet I always do spend some time on myself usually afterwards to analyse, get clarity and get my mojo on ;-)

I realised spending time alone, I get to really hone in my clear thinking in ways which I don’t do when I’m with friends, business peeps, family, I gotta get away and spend time by myself.

Or maybe that’s my excuse for going to a different country every month. lol.

Buy a simple or a fancy journal with a fancy pen, go spend some $50 on a pen and take pride in writing about your life, your challenges, your goals, visions, and dreams. A life worth living is a life worth recording.

Lesson 9 : Continuous Self Investing In Your Mind

You don’t have to be incredibly smart to do this, although I proclaim to my little brother as I’m a GENIUS, you really don’t have to be super smart or have university degrees, I mean look at me – I dropped outta university and now I run a multi million dollar business, that being said – I am a student and the most successful entrepreneurs always invest in themselves.

Damn, this piece of advice makes me spend more money on myself than most people even earn, and that’s not to brag – it’s to show you how committed I am to my growth.

This year alone I’m probably going to attend events / masterminds worth at least $100k+.

I never hold back in investing in myself.

I have met some super-uber smart people that have been very successful in the corporate world and yet, they don’t own their greatness when it comes to an internet business, often getting overwhelmed, giving up too quickly and not staying the course till the end.

There are endless stories of people who had nothing and went ahead and created big empires, study from them, learn from them, buy their stuff, go to their events, spend time with them.

And this is one of the highest leverage things you can do in your business if you want to fast-track, attend live events, build joint venture partners.

Lesson 10 : High Performers Love Themselves

Oh man, this maybe the greatest secrets of success and most people just don’t get this, if this is you, you need step up your game, seriously – you want to be rich and successful and do all the shit rich people do…

I have seen friends and family members that don’t get this and they suffer and settle for less in life.

Don’t be one of them!

So here’s what it is :


Having high self esteem lets you manufacture your own optimism to the point that you don’t really care what anyone says or thinks about you, that’s when you truly are free to create and just do.

The more you like yourself the more you will want for yourself, which will immediately increase your chances of success because you will naturally take more risks. Start liking, then loving yourself. Go to the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself.

I did it for over 2.5 years straight when I was getting started. Thank you Tony Robbins.

Having a well developed self esteem increases your ability to move forward, fail fast, and keep at it, you know internally you are the man and you don’t need anyone’s validation or approval.

Naturally the more results you get, the more confidence you will get in your abilities, in your communication, your posture and how you carry yourself.

However, you need to have it in your mind ALREADY and live confidently to attract what you want.

I really couldn’t give a toss what anyone thinks of me, they are doing their thing, I’ll do mine. I don’t compare myself to anyone, tonight I’m meeting a billionaire for dinner.

But these are just people and I appreciate, respect what they do and where they are at, but that doesn’t mean I’m any smaller than them. When you come from that place where you own your greatness and you are in deep appreciation of who you are without all the “stuff”….

Then you become a little magical ball of awesomeness. 

When i started making the decision that I will do what I want in this industry, I broke records, became a top earner, charged more money for services than anyone else, altered the landscape for various aspects and helped many people get more results than with anything else.

The most successful people I know also seem to have the most amount of self confidence, and self esteem – you like yourself a lot leads to self confidence which leads to someone taking more action and then believing in themselves.

When you are aligned with your highest values you are confident. Confidence is sexy. Confidence attracts people into your life who have their shit together.

Be it, develop it, live it and inspire others with your confidence.

Lesson 11 : Oh, Uh – No, No No Sunshine! Don’t Hire Friends & Family…

Hire ONLY A Players, that old rule of hiring and outsourcing stuff – hire slow, fire fast is what you need to live by.

I have probably made more mistakes than I can count, employing friends, family, firing then re-hiring the same people, arghhhhhhhh.

You have to develop yourself and the team as you go along, some won’t be growing as fast as you, give them time, nurture them and help them grow and when it’s time – then you can grow apart or keep them on.

Although I have generated millions of dollars in this industry for myself, I can tell you I’ve probably lost more due to hiring the wrong people. I have suffered from all sorts of anxiety, craziness, worry because of the wrong people that I have hired and I’ve hired quite a few.


My new thing that I learned is to Recruit Talent, instead of just Developing it.

You just gotta smile, learn, embrace this and move forward with the learning’s, I’ve started learning a lot more about building teams, I mean I still generated around $5 Million in sales in the last 4-5 years with a very small team – less than 5 people.

Sometimes people will not grow as fast as you, and you have to be ok with that, you gotta be ok with letting go, firing, having that uncomfortable conversation.

Over the next 5-7 years, I want to build various businesses and be in the $100 million mark. I’ll do that.


I’ll always have a deep love and appreciation for everyone who ever worked / works for me. If you ever worked for me and are reading this, thank you for all the lessons you have taught me! Love you.

Lesson 12 : Not Giving A Crap About What Anyone Says Or Thinks…

Developing “Thick Skin” is one of the greatest assets you can have in life and in business, when you are not phased by competition, what others think of you, what others say, whoever they are, you start and live from a place of owning your greatness.

I welcome criticism / feedback, but it never affects me, people see the world as they are, not as the world as it is.

My industry, the little Internet Marketing / Network Marketing / Home Business Industry absolutely rocks, it helps people develop into real personal development powerhouses and if anyone really sticks with it, it has the potential to help people make millions of dollars.

Oh and yes, its immensely profitable and YES it allows you to create a true passive income if you actually do the work properly.

I see so many will say shit like, erm there’s no such thing as passive income or home business sucks etc….

I couldn’t care less – I make over multiple 6 figures PASSIVELY – yes, hands free income, from one business opportunity that so many people talked down on.

And with that one program, I’ve generated a cool $1.1 Million in commissions.

Thanks David Wood

Right now I am the Top Earner in two different companies – Empower Network + MOBE.

Many people in this industry will look down at MLM’s / Network Marketing / Direct Sales business models and have some sort of stupid point of view on this, it’s so stupid and backwards.

Even Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have raved about if they were to start from scratch they would get into the field of Network Marketing.

But, back to the stupid people with stupid views….

Really they….

1) Had some bad experience with others trying to sell to them.

2) They joined one when they were young and new and couldn’t make it into a success.


I got into this industry and then made my first million, I went on to generate millions more OUTSIDE of this space, so again systems work, people fail.

When I was a newbie and I’d follow these so called Big Marketers always looking down and talking shit about home businesses and such, it would create so much controversy inside of me and cause friction. Sometimes I wouldn’t want to do anything because I felt what will my friends think of me and what will those big marketers think of me.

Then I basically said Screw Em.

I’ll do what I want

And that’s when I became a millionaire.

I simply just removed them from my life, now I ignore them – mainly really because their words have no impact or no value to me.

AKA I couldn’t give a shit about them.

Each to their own, and I respect everyone – I’ll always love the home business industry, if you are in it, don’t quit, don’t stop, learn
the things that Top Earners are doing and you will reap the rewards of your greatest dreams.

Funny, how some of the biggest marketers now join me inside of these home business opportunities, yes even with pen names. You’ll be very surprised as to how many of them are in them.

If you like your company and your products, then go and promote that with passion. Big secret of all these home businesses is :

1) People buy you, not the product, so develop your personality.
2) Build your own list, not the companies.
3) Master marketing and you can build any of these companies. Secret is mastering lead gen + writing copy.
4) Learn about business – foundations of business, principles of selling, psychology, influence and copywriting.
5) Add value to yourself, so you can be more valuable in the marketplace and then leverage that to attract more people in your business.

If you are in the home business arena, it’s amazing – you gotta learn “MARKETING”. I have training that you can buy, or one of my amazing peeps and mentors Dean Jackson has an even more amazing site called iLoveMarketing.com – its where you can listen to lots of free marketing stuff, that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. He does it with a super-cool dude called Joe Polish, who is also one of my favourite marketers.

And it’s free. Commit to learning and mastering marketing, its a lifelong skill that you must commit to, I am, and if you want to be like me, then listen to what I’m saying.

Lesson 13 : Superhuman Protection Of The Only One Finite Resource

This is why I don’t meet random people for tea, coffee or lunches. Even if they pay for it.

It’s not because I’m arrogant and I think I’m better than anyone, because I’m not.

It’s because I’m protective of my most valuable, scarce resource : TIME.

The concept of time is very fascinating. Learning and committing to Mastering the principles of the 80/20 is maybe one of my top 3 secrets of creating success and generating millions of dollars, you must learn this topic – buy Perry Marshall’s book on 80/20.

I have been a student of the 80-20 principle ever since I was a newbie in this industry and I will continue to be. Work out your value per hour, mine is now $2,000 per hour. I don’t like to do things that don’t yield that much.

On my laptop I have this post it note : “Is What I’m Doing Now Worth $10,000 Per Hour” ?

For me it’s writing e-mail, doing big deals on traffic buys, sometimes I’ll buy $50,000 worth of traffic in a single day so I gotta make sure I’m all game for saving money and finding the best that can deliver and creative thinking.

So you take your ideal income for the day, then you divide by 3 hours and then you work on your highest leverage tasks for that.

I have no room in my life for negativity, people whining, complaining, bitching and moaning. No drama and leeches needed, let’s just say I have had my fair share, lol.

My big lesson for Time is that, anything and everything in life – you can get more of, more customers, more money, more cars, more houses, more watches, more XYZ….

What you can’t get is more time.

It’s just the only thing in the world that we can’t buy, well you could if you hire lots of people lol. ;-)

I respect my time a great deal and I expect everyone else to do so, after all it’s the only thing I can’t afford to buy more of!

Everyone has the same 24 hours, so you must take into account how you spend those 24 hours, because the difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not (yet) is how they spend their day, one does low leverage activities and the other does high level activities.

Everyday – write a list of things to do – maybe 10 things, then only focus on the main 2-3 that will move your business forward, this one piece of advice from Yanik Silver changed the game forever for me.

I see now more and more that I enjoy spending time with my family, parents, brothers and sisters. Nothing like family love.

I’ll never be one of those people that say, oh I should have spent more time with my family. After travelling a lot, I’ve seen most people just aren’t in “touch” with their families, their siblings and so I made a very conscious decision to always be committed to be with my family, serve them well. I’m very grateful for them.Even without much in this world, my family gives me so much richness and joy.

Buying time allows you to do that, it allows you to take months and months off work and still get paid like a BOSS.

Mastering marketing and understanding sales allows you to do that, building an online business allows you to do that. So build it, put the grind in and get to work.

BONUS Lesson 14 : Build & Cultivate Your Online Asset. Build Daily. Mail Daily.

This is a bonus lesson and one that will help you grow your online business FAST. This has been responsible for the millions I’ve generated and the tens of millions I’m planning to make in the coming years.

See my picture here? How many others in this industry have a responsive-loyal email following like that ? None. I checked with all my friends

And some do – because there list is hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 06.04.18


A real business has to have leads and customers, and you have to have an ability to sell things over and over again.

Having a list is what allowed me to recently sell out a $5k per head live event, $30k+ consulting gigs and $50,000 customers.

I write an e-mail to my list every single day. Sometimes people believe they’re not good at marketing or they can’t write good email copy.

I write just like I speak as if I’m talking to one person in a conversational tone, the guiding “Million Dollar Questions” that help me craft compelling e-mails are :

What can I do today to add most value to my subscribers?

What are the pain and frustrations they are going through that I can help them solve?

Armed with these questions, I write an e-mail that leads them to buy something, enquire more, get on a call with someone from my team and then we help them move forward if our services can match their needs.

Each e-mail I write I value at $10k – $15k per e-mail and I write with a lot of thought, heart and personality. It’s really just entertainment

My income went from $100k to $300k+ per month in revenue as soon as I started mailing daily and for the last 200+ days I’ve been averaging over $13,000+ per day in sales thanks to my mailing list.

Each and every email that comes my way gets answered by my coach who not only will just e-mail anyone but really have a no pressure call to help them.

This RADICALLY improves the responsiveness of your subscribers. It’s because they know you deeply care about them and you give a shit rather than just trying to stuff a new product promo down their throat every day.

I sell 3-4 things each month and I stay consistent. No fancy launches. No JV’s needed. No SEO.

Just pure Solo Ads.

Then, email daily.

Don’t get me wrong – I will add them, right now it’s working well for me.

Be different. Add personality. Nearly all the people in the home business industry send out few emails a week if that, and have short little e-mails.

Be real with people, there’s a reason why I started off writing that I’m now single and I’m 25lbs overweight, my subscribers who have followed me for years know those are two topics I always touch on, I tell them I can teach you how to make money online but I can’t teach you to lose weight or have the perfect relationship.

When you do this, you will win people’s hearts over, that’s more important and valuable than winning their wallets over…

Transparency and authenticity creates raving buyers, money is a bi-product of that value that you create…

Practice being vulnerable, transparent and open with your subscribers, they want education, entertainment, they want to be part of your world.

They want to be YOU.

I send an e-mail 6-7 times per week, and my emails are long, I go overboard adding value to my subscribers.

I have a very deep funnel that let’s customers progress and spend a lot of money, I’ve had one client spend over $100,000 with me.

I’ve created multiple streams of income, some are more profitable than others, and by having a responsive list I can easily do six figure launches within my list with no headache, just a well thought out e-mail promo.

I also look for new businesses I can create and create my own category, whilst everyone was selling small solo ads, I created SoloAdsAgency which in itself became a million dollar business in less than 12-18 months.

The deeper, the more optimised the funnel is – the more cash you’ll make.

Find the needs and position irresistible offers along the way.

The check keeps coming and getting bigger so I know I’m delivering value, taking care of people and spreading a message.

I hope these life lessons have been valuable for you to read, I’ve had fun writing, reflecting, thinking about my journey and how it will help you.


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