10 Tips To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms for you to blow up your online business. Mainly due to the massive user base that is on Facebook daily. Recently we came across an Article from Zephoria, that reports 1.94 Billion Facebook users. So if you are not monetizing Facebook and you have an online business then you are missing out. The key to success on Facebook is to have great Facebook Engagement.

Something we have found to be accurate is that most new online business owners start with organic strategies for their business. So in this article, I will share 10 Facebook Engagement Tips to help you get better results on Facebook.

The real challenge for online business owners isn’t creating content as much as it is getting people to see and engage with their content on Facebook. Because as important as content creation is to your business, engagement is the lifeblood of your online business. Your primary objective as an online business owner on Facebook is to keep your post in the newsfeed for as long as possible. This is accomplished through Facebook Engagement.

If you can create a viral post or a video then you will generate massive amounts of income. However, to do so you must have a strategy to make it happen.

Create a Strategy

In order to have high engagement on Facebook, you must have a clear strategy of what you are seeking to accomplish. Perhaps you’re building a brand, collecting leads and or making sales. Within your strategy are smaller techniques that will boost your results.

Depending on your overall goals the strategies may vary. However, for this demonstration, we’ll assume you’re a new Elite Elevation Group Basic Member and you’re building a personal brand and generating leads and sales. A good strategy that I’ve found for the make money online niche’ is posting results, value and lifestyle. Simple as it sounds it works and works well. Now that’s out of the way lets drill down a little deeper the help you get great Facebook engagement.

Research Peak Engagement Times

For maximum results, post when your audience is online. Otherwise, there is a chance that no one will see your post. Further, if no one sees your post there will be no engagement and have posted in vain. So start by identifying where your target audience resides. From there open up your messenger app throughout the day and take inventory of the number of active users that are online at any given time. Then write down the times that your friends are online and define the peak times. This is a great starting point when you start posting.

Understanding Post Types

Be advised, all content is NOT created equal on Facebook. Example, if all you do is create simple text post, it’s unlikely that you will dominate the newsfeed. Open up your Facebook newsfeed and analyze the type of content at the top of your newsfeed. What do you see? Is it more text, videos or images?

Your goal is to be seen and heard, so you should know ranking precedence in the algorithm for Facebook Engagement. First is video, then images and lastly text. It is my opinion that Facebook Live is the number one way to get the highest amount of Facebook engagement as long as proper techniques are used in your videos.

However, if you do use text only posts, be sure to use emojis and feeling activity. Facebook really likes when you use the feeling activity in your posts.

Post Quality Content

When posting content a simple strategy is results, value, lifestyle posts for the online business and branding posts. Results are known as social proof, and social proof is vital to garnering interest. If you have no results yet, no problem. Simply piggyback off the teams’ results and give credit where it’s due. Never let the lack of personal results hold you back.

Next is value, and value may be motivation, inspiration, quote pics, articles, tutorial videos and the list goes on. However, be sure to include a clear call to action within your post if you are looking to generate leads or sales.

Lastly, if you are using the results, value and lifestyle method is the lifestyle. People do business with whom they know, like and trust. The lifestyle element allows your audience to see you and personally connect with you and your story. So share your lifestyle with them and by doing so you will notice that you’re attracting the right people into your circle.

Post Frequency

You may have the question, how often should I post? We’ve found that posting 2-4 times per day is sufficient. Because when posting too much you risk losing your audience and becoming unfriended or muted. Have you ever invited someone over to your home and they didn’t know when to leave? Pounding your newsfeed is much of the same. So identify the peak engagement times and make or schedule your posts during those times. But be careful to not wear out your welcome, as it’s better for your audience to be hanging on your next word than them to wishing they never saw you.

Create Engagement with Questions

The easiest way to get Facebook Engagement is to ask compelling questions that evoke a response. However, this will require your attention after the post because when they answer it’s your duty to reply. Keep in mind creating content is the easy part, managing your content is where the real work comes into play. So whatever you do be sure to ask questions and be especially sure to reply to your friends and followers for better Facebook Engagement.

Engage with Others Posts

Are you are struggling to get attention and have Facebook Engagement? Start liking and commenting on your friends’ posts. Something magical will take place when you initiate engagement first. They will take notice of you and before you know it they are engaging with your content. Try this if you’re just starting out, as it’s a great way to connect with others.

Like, Comment, Share Method

This method works well for massive Facebook Engagement. Create a post and in the call to action asking them to like, comment your “CTA tag” and share the post. By using this strategy you will get likes, comments and best of all shares. Shares are huge in the Facebook engagement game. Because when your content is shared it has the ability to go viral. If you want to boost your Facebook engagement try the like, comment and share method in your next post.

Understanding Post Hierarchy

If you want the higher Facebook Engagement then you must know the hierarchy. Videos are king, followed by images, and here I will share a few tips for both.

  1. Facebook live or uploads: Start with a basic script to keep you on task and not ramble. Settle on a topic, and create bullet points to keep your message on point, and be sure to use a call to action at the end. When shooting your video make sure the lighting is good, there are no outside noises or distractions and hit record. Once you upload a video to Facebook captions are great to use when running an ad to your video.
  2. Images: Images are very effective as well. However, not all images are created equal. Find images that will cause someone to stop and click. Find images that evoke both emotion and curiosity. Also, try to find images that will stick out and pop on Facebook. Keep in mind, Facebook’s theme is blue so you do not want to use a photo that blends into the feed.

Be Consistent

In closing as simple as this sounds it is often times overlooked. To be successful you have to be consistent. It is not enough for you to post 3 times per week and build a great responsive Facebook following. So be sure to post with a purpose and post daily with consistency. When you do you will build your audience of loyal friends and followers.

If you want help building your social media presence feel free to come alongside the Elite Elevation Group and we will take you under our wing.

To your success!

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