10 Action Steps To Make Money!

make it happenBeing an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to create wealth in the world. It’s how Shaqir Hussyin, my coach and mentor, has been able to make $10 MILLION online by 26 years age…

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs will never reach the stage of creating wealth…

But entrepreneurs don’t create wealth for themselves by selling things; that’s what salespeople do. Sales just move the product.

Entrepreneurs create something that didn’t exist before and monetize it.

They create their wealth by providing value to the world.

What the world defines as valuable has changed a lot over the years. We live in an age of instant gratification. Everything is easy and convenient.
(Remember the days when you had to dial 411 to look up information on an address or phone number? That feels like forever ago.) And all too often, that can cause us to become mentally lazy.

So what can we do to stay sharp?
What are 10 things we can do to move our business forward today?Before we go into that, let’s look at some tips of Shaqir on how you can create value as an entrepreneur.There are 5 things you can do for people that provides value to those people and drive your success:

1. Build relationships.

This is a skill set that good entrepreneurs and salespeople have that involves cultivating trust within others for you – and through that, trust in what you’re offering.
And there are two types of relationships: physical and virtual.

Physical relationships are the most important, as they are the ones you interact with in real life. And you’ll never know when they will pay off, but you don’t look to make that connection just for the end result.Do it because of what the entrepreneur’s overall mission should be: helping people solve their problems and providing value to them.

If you have an agenda outside of that, the relationship won’t have the same value to you down the line.Relationships pay off in spades in ways you cannot possibly predict.These are the value of industry events where you can meet like-minded people who may one day benefit you in ways you won’t know now.Virtual relationships (fans on FB/Twitter, email lists, etc.) are important too.There must be a strategy or reason these relationships exist.Think of them as little seeds you are planting, like redwoods in California.You can’t dig up seeds too quickly and try to harvest the fruit too early; they’ll yield that harvest when they are ready.

Give nature its time to grow the relationship. Be proactive, be patient, and think long term.

2. Provide inspirational leadership.

Focused and deliberate mental energy is difficult to generate.
We only have a finite amount of brainpower per day where you can be absolutely sharp and on your game. It’s what you do with that time that will make the day count.

Being a student of leadership and committing to inspiring other people takes work and mental energy, but the payback is much more rewarding. It’s the best investment you can make in yourself.

People want to be lead. Lead them, and they’ll appreciate (and reward) you for it.

3. Create content.

You can create or share content with others. People with similar interests will flock to you when you provide content that they are interested in. You can also write opinions on what you read and share.

Every time people experience that value, they’re going to feel an attraction to you and what you offer.

4. Be a pattern interruption to people.

Be bold and help them step outside their comfort zone.
Have those “1% conversations” with people, which are about taking the gloves off and holding people responsible for their own growth.

It’s not about preaching to people; it’s about holding them accountable to themselves and what they’re capable of. They will love (and reward) you for it.

5. Whatever you are selling or promoting, make sure it does two of these three things: meet a need, solve a problem, or make life easier.

Find out what people want, or what problems they have, then solve their problems by offering a solution. Or if you already showed them how to solve their problem, find out an even easier way to make life easier. People are lazy and want to know the easiest way to solve their problems.

Now let’s look at 10 concrete actions you can take that will help you maximize the value you’ll be able to provide (and through that, the rewards you’ll set yourself up for long term) as an entrepreneur:

1. Never stop learning.
Always look to grow and improve yourself. It’s a lifelong process.

2. Attend every event.
Be around birds of the same feather. You’ll be amazed what you learn, and what you’ll teach.

3. Mind your circle of influence.
Hang around the right people with similar goals and you’ll feel a greater drive to accomplish yours. Iron sharpens iron.

4. Open your mind.
Be willing to consider new things you haven’t done before. There’s always something different you can do better that will yield better results.

5. Question old beliefs.
There’s a lot of things we assume and project onto the world. These wrap us and constrict our possibilities. Don’t let you hold you back!

6. Do what leaders do.
You already know what it means to lead – it means showing up the way you’re capable of showing up. It means being the example you know you can be.

7. Do what top producers do.
Develop those sales and marketing skills. Experience different places and cultures to have perspective on what needs there are out there. You’ll have a better grasp of how to help with them.

8. Read.
There’s infinite content out there just waiting for your mind to absorb.

9. Find a way to absorb content that works for you.
If you don’t like reading, get books on CD or video. Everyone is capable of absorbing info in some way.

10. Make sure you have 10 minutes a day where you have complete quiet time when your mind stays still.
Find a quiet place and exist in only your own space.

Doing this, you’ll allow your subconscious mind to take over and have those “a-ha” moments. When you stretch your mind about something, it continues to work subconsciously behind the scenes even after the conscious thought has passed.

And the next morning or week or whenever, you may find yourself hit by a moment of clarity inspired by that.


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