The Painful Question You Should Ask Yourself Now


Lots of people go through life in cruise control.

The ‘repeat all’ button is on. Every week is a replay of the week before. Every year is a replay of year before. Same old, same old.

Sometimes it takes a wake up call—some incredible or horrible event, or even an otherwise insignificant moment—to startle you OUT of cruise control.

Why AirBnB Exploded

airbnbSome businesses grow so big, so fast, that it almost seems like they’re flukes in the system.

Take AirBnB for example.

I mean, how does a little business with a crazy idea EXPLODE into a 25 billion dollar mega-company? In just a few years?

It’s so big, it’s starting to put pressure on the hotel industry. Hotels in New York City alone lost an estimated $2 billion in revenue this past year, due to AirBnB’s presence in the city.

Will You Make Another Excuse?

excuseWhat’s important to you?

Don’t think too hard about it because the answer is right in front of you.


No matter how badly you want a new car or a new job if it’s not in front of you then
it doesn’t really matter to you.

Because if it was really important to you then you would find a way to get it in front
of you. And for everything else you find an excuse for why you don’t have it.

The New Cure For Empty PayPal Accounts

affiliate-titan-2There’s nothing worse than logging into Paypal or your JVZoo account and seeing those depressing zero figures looking back at you.

But there is a solution.

It’s called affiliate marketing.

The trouble is it’s difficult to do.

Most people think it’s easy and tell you it’s easy but it’s really not.

Usain Bolt’s Secret to Success

usain_bolt_rio_2016Usain Bolt doesn’t just win at the Olympics. He owns them.

Bolt has set world records and Olympic records just about every time he races.

He owns the world records for the 100, 150, and 200-meter dash. And heading into his 3rd Olympics he’s won 6 Olympic gold medals.

But there’s something surprising about Bolt and his training.

He’s never run a mile.

1 Reason For Failure Online That No One Talks About

home-officeHere’s one of the biggest reasons for failure in business (especially online business) that almost NO ONE seems to talk about:


More specifically, isolation from the people you need in order to make your business a success.

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs try to be lone rangers.

They think that “work from home” means “work alone.”

Why The Internet Goes To Waste Every Day

internetIt’s one of the history’s most amazing inventions.

It’s led to thousands of breakthroughs… it’s totally changed how we live life. And it came out of nowhere.


The internet.

And all the ways that we’ve harnessed the internet’s power… to create social media, discussion forums, information databases, games… that’s only the beginning.

Why Some People Are Destined To Fail

peoplefailSometimes it’s impossible for you to win.

For example, have you ever played Solitaire?

It’s a card game that you play by yourself. You set down a bunch of randomized cards on the table. And then the point of the game is to rearrange the cards until they’re all ordered in a particular way.

In some games, you end up at a ‘dead end.’ There aren’t any more legal moves you can make.

And so you lose that game.

10 Rules Of Forex Trading

forexI have started to invest in Forex some time ago. I joined a very good mastermind where we get daily signals, and also learn how to read the market and so on…

The truth about Forex is that it can be an intense and stressful undertaking that requires a strong control of your emotions. Forex is not a “get rich quickly” scheme. It takes patience to learn to trade the Forex market – it will also take you time before you master the basics. If you lack discipline or make decisions that are not carefully thought through you will quickly find yourself in a negative investment position. If you follow sound investment principles you will reap the benefits of one of the world’s most liquid and influential markets.

You Won’t Win The Lottery. But This is Much Better

lotteryEvery time the lottery cracks the $500 million mark people start going bonkers.

Despite the fact that everyone knows that the chances of winning are slimmer than piece of paper people still buy tickets in droves.

The chances of willing the current power ball lottery are 1 in 292 million.

But since that isn’t stopping people here is some perspective.